Thursday, October 29, 2015

Heir Apparent

First, this is a very serious blog.  I have serious good news and serious bad news.  We will start with the serious bad news.  My Royal Photographer is injured and I had to take the pictures for this blog myself.  Oh dear!  Now it is important to note that this court photographer did not ask my permission to be injured and therefore not be able to come to StreetCats.  After much contemplation regarding consequences I have determined to pardon her this offense.  But if it happens again, off with her head!  Hurry back, Royal Photographer!

Now on to the serious good news.  I have expanded my court to include a prince, an heir to my throne.  I wasn't sure I would ever see a young cat who had the potential to be a King someday.  But by golly, here he is.  You may have noticed that I have beautiful markings, a qualification for being King.  Well. So does this kitten.  His name is Spangles and here he is!
And he meets ALL the other qualifications.  First, he is a healthy eater and will grow up to be big and strong.  Kings must be strong!
He understands what humans are for . . . massage therapy!
And the boy can play!
So henceforth this kitten will be known as Prince Spangles!  I will plan a huge celebration . . . as soon as I get a Royal Huge Celebration Planner!