Thursday, October 13, 2016

Feline Friday - Thor!

Our Thor most certainly has been named after the great god, Thor, who was associated with thunder and lightening, storms, strength, and the protection of  all of mankind. Doesn't this description conjure up visions of a being that was powerful, and intimidating to all who saw him?  When our Thor was a kitten the person who named him must have had high hopes for him to become a big and strong cat who would never be ruled by another cat, or mere mortals like you and me. 

Thor's kitten years are gone and he has grown to be a 5 yr. old teddy bear of a kitty!  He is precious.  He is affectionate and laid back.  He is everybody's friend and can't wait to be petted by his new friends when they come into the shop. 

He is described as a blue tabby.  His stripes are faint, but you'll see them when you look closely.  He is beautiful!  He is, however, just a little weight challenged.  His new owner will most likely want to visit with a vet about how to help him trim down to a healthier weight.  

He is a very lovable kitty and I believe that he would be a great addition to anyone's family.  We were told that the previous owner had 2 cats, Thor being one of them, that didn't get along with each other even after living together for a year.  The owner decided to let Thor go.  We know what a wonderful cat he is and hope that it won't be very long before he goes home with a new family.  

Thor is a healthy kitty he has tested negative for FeLeuk/Aids and is current on rabies and FVRCP vaccinations.  He also has a HomeAgain micro-chip implanted and will be registered, with the new owners' contact information, at no cost.   

If you are interested in meeting Thor, feel free to come by StreetCats at 6520 E. 60th St, in Tulsa, 10:30 - 5:00 Tuesday though Saturday, or call our message line, 918-298-0104, with any questions that you may have.  We would love to show you around and introduce you to him and I’m sure that he would love to meet you, too! 

For more information about StreetCats and adoptions please visit our website:    

Friday, October 7, 2016

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

First, before I tell you what I've learned, I want to tell you something else I learned.  Hmmm.  I'm learning and learning!  Do you remember when I wrote about A Stitch in Time?  Oh wait, I should tell you that this is Smokey!  I'm blogging!  Okay, this is what I learned about A Stitch in Time.  It was started by the lady who started StreetCats.  Her name is Jodi Lorimer and she named the organization and the program!  So this is whom we should say thank you!!!  Thank you, Jodi!

Now on to what else I've learned.  First, the good.  Cats are absolutely awesome!!!  Even more than I realized!!!  Did you know that we're supernatural predators?  Well, I guess we're natural, but we're so good at it we seem supernatural.  We can see in ultraviolet and hear in ultrasound!  We can judge the height of a sound so accurately that we're going to catch any prey that makes even the slightest sound on our first try!  This is good because we're hyper carnivores . . . that means we must have meat!  I am so proud of how amazing we are . . . such wonderful hunters!  Beautiful, sleek, sly, graceful and very successful hunters!

Now here's the bad.  Lots of cats live outside and when they hunt they aren't careful about what they catch.  If it's meat they will catch it and eat it.  And this includes songbirds.  Pretty birds that make such pretty sounds.  There are people who love birds as much as my people love cats!  So when we catch their birds they get very sad.  Or mad.. This is bad!

And the ugly . . . and I do mean really ugly . . . the International Union for Conservation of Nature considers cats one of the 100 worst invasive species.  And no, I'm not kidding!  Invasive!!  And in Australia they blame us for the decline of the majority of their endangered species.  Some people want to irradicate us.  Irradicate!  Look it up!  I shudder just thinking of it!  Here is an example I read about.  In Key Largo, Florida there is a special little mouse called the Eastern Woodrat.  It's a cute little mouse with cute little eyes.  And it's endangered.  Because of, yep, cats!  The people there are trying so hard to save this little mouse!  They even raise them away from there and then turn them loose and then guess what.  We eat them!  And they've tried so hard to keep us kitties away!  But we are so smart (and so prolific!) that they can't control us!  Of course I'm not surprised, but yikes, this makes us a little unpopular.

So I've been thinking.  Could house cats with access to the outdoors be contributing to this bad and ugly?  Could these house cats be contributing to extinctions?  Sort of sad, huh?  Pretty good reason, maybe, to keep house cats in the house?  You can feed us our meat and we can hunt toys!!  I know I'm going to be up at night thinking about this.  People might have more reason to keep us inside than just to protect US, huh?!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Feline Friday - Hello Dolly!

Dollie is a very sweet little gray and white tabby with gorgeous green eyes!  She is estimated to be less than 2 years old with a birthday about February 2015.  She’s a little on the petite side for her age and very dainty. 

Although still a little shy, she loves playing with our visitors and the volunteers.  When resting she prefers to hang out in a little house that she has claimed for her own. 

Dolly came to StreetCats with her sister Polly.  They were rescued in Catoosa and brought to us by a woman who couldn’t keep them.  Polly was adopted recently and we would very much like to help Dolly find her forever home, too.

If you are interested in meeting Dolly, feel free to come by StreetCats at 6520 E. 60th St, in Tulsa, 10:30 - 5:00 Tuesday though Saturday, or call our message line, 918-298-0104, with any questions that you may have.  We would love to show you around and introduce you to Dolly, and I’m sure that she would love to meet you, too!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How I Know What I Know

Hi, everyone.  This is Smokey.  Remember me?  Now the last time I wrote on this blog I told you about how many kittens there are . . . TOO MANY!  And I promised I would tell you what StreetCats is doing to help with the problem of too many kittens.  And a promise is a promise!  So here you go!

StreetCats has a program called A Stitch In Time.  If you think about it for a minute you'll get it.  "Stitch" refers to the stitches a cat gets when they have the surgery that keeps them from having kittens and "in time" means before they have kittens.  Clever, huh?!  I'm going to see if I can find out who made that up!  So anyway, if someone has a stray kitty or knows of a feral cat, they call our message line (918-298-0104) and leave their name and phone number.  Nice Lindsey calls them back and they get to choose between four vets that help us with this program.  We make a "voucher" for them and then they come to pick it up.  They pay us $20 for the voucher, make an appointment with the vet and take the kitty.  Then we pay the vet for the entire surgery as well as a rabies shot. Heck of a deal, huh?!  And if the kitty you're working with is wild, we will even loan you a trap to help you catch the kitty!  There are still too many kittens out there, but by golly StreetCats is trying to do our part in helping with the problem!  I'm proud!  And I sure do appreciate the people who use our vouchers to help control the kitty problem!!

Now I know someone out there is asking how I know about this.  I can just hear their snarky tone of voice, "How do YOU know?"  "You never even leave your special place!"  Well, here is how I know.  I listen!  And now I hear them saying, "You can't hear everything that goes on at StreetCats!"  Oh yes I can!  Did you know that cats can hear four to five times further than humans?  And that we can pinpoint the location of a sound within 6/100 of a second?  Just think about how fast that is!  We even hear at higher frequencies than dogs do!  And when we quickly locate a sound our ears can rotate 180 degrees to focus in on that sound.  And here's something else!  Each of our ears operates independently!  So if there is someone talking in my room and someone else talking in the office, I can listen to each conversation with a different ear!  Ha!  So you don't ever need to ask me again how I know something!!!  I heard!!

I found this cool picture of Vanna.  She used to do what I do, write the blog.  I wish I could have known her!  She liked to sit on laps and the volunteers miss her!!  But I know she is happy in her very own home.  So here's Vanna.  Check out those ears!!  And try not to be too jealous!  Cats are just special!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Too Many Kittens!!

Being responsible for the kitty portion of this blog is a big responsibility!  I have been working so hard!  I have to use my ears to hear what's happening in this place and then I have to learn new things!  I think maybe I'm too old for this job!  But I've been studying and today I'm going to tell you some of the things I've learned about kittens!  But before I do I promised I would show you where I live.  So here you go.  This is it.

One of my people friends, Vickie, the one who carries her big camera around all the time, called this my Queendom!  Isn't that cool?!  I'm not a queen!  But Adam was a king, so . . . .  Queen Smokey?  Hmmmm.

Okay now to kittens.  I've been hearing my people talk about "too many kittens."  Well, I didn't understand what they meant because we don't have kittens at StreetCats.  Not really little ones.  So I just kept listening until I figured out that outside of StreetCats there are too many kittens who never find a nice place to live.  That is so sad!!  So I started doing some reading to see what we need to know in order to help.

First, I'll tell you a story about how cats came to be.  This is a Hebrew story and is about when all the animals were on the ark with Noah.  Well, when he loaded up there were no little cats, only big ones like lions and tigers.  But the rats on the ark weren't being nice.  They were making baby rats really fast and they were eating up the food on the ark!  So . . . God made a lion sneeze and out flew a cat!  I'm pretty sure not everyone believes this Hebrew legend, but I don't doubt it.  I mean look at me!  Don't I look a little like a lion??

Well, however kittens got here, there are for sure a lot of them!  I read that there are 500 million domestic cats in the world!  Wow, sort of puts my life in perspective!!  But there are also a lot of cats who aren't domesticated.  They're wild!!  I read that there are 60 million in the US alone!!  The people call them feral cats.  And here's something else that is absolutely shocking!  Not everyone loves cats in the way my StreetCats people do!  Maybe they love them in a different way, because in Asia, 4 million cats are eaten every year . . . by people!  I have learned that there is such a thing as learning too much!  I could have gone the rest of my life without knowing that and it would have been just fine!  I also could have gone without learning the mean things people have done to cats . . . because they are afraid of us!!  Really?!  Afraid of us???  I'm not even going to tell you any of the things that have been done!  You don't need to hear it!  I'll just say I'm even more thankful now for the people at StreetCats who take care of me!!

I'm going to stop writing now.  Next time I write I'll tell you what StreetCats is doing about the too many kittens problem.  Let me leave you with just a little more info.  A cat can have up to nine kittens at one time!  And they might not look alike because they can have different dads.  Shocking!  I read the largest litter ever recorded was 19 babies!  The oldest cat to have kittens was 30 years old.  In her life she had 218 kittens!  I bet she was tired!  Now here is a math problem for you.  How many kittens might a pair of cats be responsible for producing?  No matter what answer you come up with, it's a heck of a lot!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Meet - Kiki!

Kiki is a short haired Tortie.  Tortie, if you haven’t heard the term before now, is short for tortoise.  "Torties" have colors that resemble those of some turtles’ shells.   Her birthday is approximately 10/04.  She is front declawed.

She’s doing fine at StreetCats with other cats around, but reports are that she does not do well with children.  We don’t know how she would react to dogs. She does, however, react well to people!

She loves to be combed and brushed.  She is affectionate, too.  One of her most distinctive traits is that she likes to be vocal.  We get lots of “talk” from her.  It’s as if we can carry on conversations with her, except for the fact that we have no idea what she is saying, of course. 

Having a home, at StreetCats, awaiting adoption is not her first time around.  She was adopted from StreetCats in 9/13.  Unfortunately she has been returned to us.  Her owner was an elderly woman that could no longer take care of her.  StreetCats cats are all indoor cats, and Kiki, was accustomed to living in an apartment.  

As I said, she was returned.  Our philosophy is that once a cat becomes a StreetCat he or she will always be a StreetCats cat.  As in this case, the owner could no longer keep her and returning her to us was the best thing for her.  We will continue to love her and take care of her until she finds the right owner.  Often it seems that the cats choose the people rather than the people choosing the cat.

She is healthy!  She has been to the vet and thoroughly checked out.  She has had all of the tests and vaccinations needed and has been given a clean bill of health!  She has been spayed, and microchipped, too!  When the new owner comes along we will update it with the new owner’s contact information.  The chip is invaluable in helping lost pets be returned to their owners!  Also, her first year’s registration fee is paid by StreetCats!

If you are interested in meeting Kiki, feel free to come by StreetCats at 6520 E. 60th St, in Tulsa, 10:30 - 5:00 Tuesday though Saturday, or call our message line, 918-298-0104, with any questions that you may have.  We would love to show you around and introduce you to Kiki and I’m sure that she would love to meet you, too!

Monday, August 15, 2016


I have no idea how this happened or what I'm doing.  I knew that King Adam got adopted because he quit coming to visit me.  But now all of a sudden I'm supposed to write a blog?  What's a blog??  And what am I supposed to write about?  Well, as I often do, I turned to my best friend, Linda.  Here is a picture of her and me.   Oh, and of my own personal brush!  I love to be brushed!
So Linda told me to just start by telling you a little bit about myself.  This is so embarrassing!  You don't want to hear about me!  Oh well, here I go.  My name is Smokey.  A vague memory tells me that's not the only name I've had.  I'm about 11 years old.  That's pretty old, but there are cats a whole lot older, so let's say I'm middle aged.  I don't remember being a kitten, I don't remember if I ever had baby cats of my own.  I don't remember how many homes I've had, but I'm a StreetCats cat now, and that's forever!  I know I don't have claws on my front paws, but I sure don't know why.  People say I'm pretty.  Do you think so?
People say a lot about my color.  They call it blue.  Sometimes people look at me and say, "Oh, a Russian Blue!"  Then another person will say that I'm a Chartreux or a Korat.  Well, at least that last one rhymes with what I am.  A cat!
Now here is one thing I certainly do not understand.  They talk a lot about my beautiful fur and then they shave it off!  What's with that?!  Maybe they're jealous because they don't have blue fur.  Which do you like better, fur or no fur?
Now I'm going to tell you two more things and then I'm going to go.  First, I like to stay up high.  I have my own home at StreetCats . .  on top of the cages.  I have a house there, potty boxes, my food, everything a cat could need.  Sometimes the other cats visit me, but it is my home!  Maybe I'll show you later.  Second, I am not available for adoption.  They say I have "health problems". Honestly I don't know what that's about.  I feel great!!
Whew!  I'm so glad that's over!  I hope Linda thinks I did okay!  It actually wasn't too bad.  And I have an idea about something else to tell you!  So maybe I'll talk to you soon!