Monday, November 23, 2015


"I could never volunteer here.  I just couldn't leave the cats here!"  I think if I hear this again I'm going to yowl!  I know that Lulu, Janie, and Vanna have talked about this!  Especially Janie!  She knew our humans were angels!  But here it is, the truth, one more time!

StreetCats is a good place to be!  No, it isn't our forever home, but it is not a bad place to live until that home is found!  Every day our people come.  They clean our space, they wash our litter boxes every day.  They give us fresh food and water in clean dishes every day.  Well, at times they are a little slow with this job, but they only need a gentle reminder.  Just sit on or beside your food tray and they'll remember.  This is what I do!
Now cleaning and feeding always comes first.  But when that is done then we kitties get a lot of love!  Laps are provided for those that want them.  The lap I'm going to show you is chubby enough to hold two kitties.  See?
And we provide laps in a variety of sizes!  If you play your cards right the person with the lap you choose might actually even share their yogurt with you!
And for kitties who are shy?  They get their very own private condos!  Here is Smokey in her house.  Her food, water and litter box are even left nearby so that she never has to go far if she gets scared.  But it rarely takes very long before even shy cats realize that this is a safe place!
And I haven't even talked about the Feline Specialties Spa where we get all the care we could possibly need!  And the toys!  Oh my gosh!
So please, come volunteer!  Yes, you will fall in love with us!  How could you not?!  But you'll know when you leave that we have been properly spoiled!  You'll miss us when we go to our very own homes!  But you'll kiss us good-bye and be happy for us!  And for the next needy cat who will come and take our spot until that kitty gets his home.  And you'll look back at our pictures and be happy for having known us.  😻