Friday, December 1, 2017

Meet Enzo!

Enzo is a male red tabby with a birthday coming with up!  He has been given an estimated birth date of February 20th.   He’ll be 4 yrs. old!
He is a good sized male and an armful to carry.  Here he is stretching out to show us his size or maybe thinking of taking up dancing.  I’m not sure which.  Actually he was playing with a feather toy on a string on a wand.   He is willing to play when the right toy interests him!

Enzo has an engaging personality!  He likes to socialize, is curious about what’s happening in the shop, and is friendly.   He has been around dogs and was okay with them. 

He is trained to use a scratching post which is always a plus for an indoor cat.  StreetCats adopts cats who will be kept indoors by the owners.  This keeps them happy, healthy, and safe.

Enzo got off to a rather rough start in life.  He was adopted out of a shelter, but the woman who adopted him moved and left him with a sister.  The sister’s very ill mother-in-law moved in with her and she said that she could no longer keep him.  We are now caring for him and helping to find him a new and loving forever home. 

Enzo is very healthy!  He has tested negative on all of the tests and has had all of the vaccinations that he needs to ensure that he is well.  Through the Home Again program he has had a micro-chip placed under his skin.  When he is adopted the new owner’s contact information will be added.  He has also been neutered and has great teeth!

StreetCats is located at 6520 E. 60th St., here in Tulsa, OK.  Come by and visit Enzo  and our other cats any time Tuesday through Saturday from 10:30 until 5:00, or call our Message line, at 918-298-0104, with any questions that you may have.
 How can you resist that face?!