Monday, February 6, 2017

Cats and Boxes!

Before I start on this important topic, I want you to see my new picture.  My photographer, Vickie, took this picture of me.  I do believe I will now begin every blog I write with this picture of me.  Now you people out there who are wanting to adopt me, sorry, but I am not available.  Nope, I'm not available for adoption.  My people like to tell everyone that it's because I have "special needs."  But ha!!  It's really because they don't want to lose their kitty blogger!

So shall we  begin our explanation as to why kitties are so drawn to boxes?  And it's the truth, they are!  You may be excited about the gifts that you find inside the boxes on Christmas Day, but your cat will be thrilled that you bought her the boxes!  What could be better?!  In doing research on this question I visited the internet and here is what I learned.  Getting inside a box might be a coping skill for cats who are stressed.  In the box they will feel more secure, sheltered and warm.  Well, duh!

So okay, I decided to do an experiment.  We take a box, put it in the big cat room and wait to see what happens.  And here you go!
So . . . does the fact that Sensi climbed in the box prove that the above theories are correct?

By the way, Sensi IS available for adoption!  And if you're interested in a lap cat with lots of personality and just the right amount of sass, then this is the cat for you!  She will keep you wondering and entertained!

Now my last statement to you is this.  The information I have given you comes from the internet and was written by humans.  They think they are so smart!  But what they come up with are only theories!  They cannot fully understand the mind, instincts, motives or any darn thing else about us cats!  And we're not talking!  You just keep right on wondering why we like boxes!