Thursday, October 31, 2013


Oh my, I guess I can't put this off any longer.  I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing!  Lulu says I'll learn, but I'm not so sure.  Lulu was adopted, you know.  I'm really happy for her, but I'm afraid I've gotten myself in over my head and I don't know how to get out of this mess!  Lulu says it will get easier.  I sure hope she's right!

The day before Lulu went to her furever home she came to me and asked me to take over the blog . . . write it instead of her.  I giggled, but she just sat there looking at me and I realized she was serious!  I told Lulu that I couldn't possibly do something like that and she said, "If not you, then who?"  Well, I thought Zoey would be the perfect cat for such a job, but Lulu said that Zoey was so focused on watching for her furever family to get there that she couldn't even talk to her about this!  And again, she said "If not you, then who?"  What about Toots?!  Well, Lulu's only response to that was a raised eyebrow and again the question "If not you, then who?"  I didn't think she was going to quit sitting there staring at me until I gave in!  So here I am doing something I have no idea how to do!  Lulu says I'll learn and she even said she'll help me!  She said her new home has a computer and that she has learned all kinds of things to do with a computer.  I wonder what she's talking about!

Okay, Lulu says that I should begin by telling you my story.  And, oh yeah, my name!  It's Janie.  I live at StreetCats.  I was dumped here.  One of my angels said that maybe the people who found me or who I lived with or whatever just couldn't take care of me, but I figure I was just dumped because they didn't want me.  I wasn't feeling well when I got here and I guess I got really sick!  I don't remember much about this, but I've been told I lost so much weight that I was just skin and bones!  I had to even have exploratory surgery so that they could find out what was wrong with me.  Honestly, if it weren't for the angels here at StreetCats I wouldn't be here!  I am so lucky!  Just imagine, these angels saved my life!

I'm about six years old.  I don't have beautiful eyes like Lulu does, but Lulu says it's okay as long as my eyes work and I guess they do.  She wants me to report on everything I see at StreetCats.  My colors are, well, sort of drab, I think.  The angels here say my colors are pretty and unique, but I think they're just being nice.  I don't think I'll probably ever get adopted like Lulu did.

Oh yeah, Lulu says I have to put a picture of myself here.  So . . .

Well, here it is.  Oh how am I going to follow Lulu as the StreetCats blogger?!  She was the head cat!  She says that maybe I'll be the head cat some day.  Right!  And Lulu had the best purr of any cat ever at StreetCats!  I don't purr very much, but Lulu says that if I get to be head cat some day I'll have lots of reasons to purr.  I bet that never happens.

Okay, I did what Lulu told me to.  I have no idea what to do next!  I know you're disappointed Lulu is gone.  I'll see what I can find to write about next time, whenever I get brave enough to do this again.  Bye.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

So Long, Farewell, Auf Weidersehen, Goodbye!

So this is what happened!  I was in my office busy doing important things, like thinking about my blog or maybe napping, when I heard one of my servants singing.  It's irritating, but I don't say much about it because it doesn't happen too often and it's important when you're the head cat to pick your battles.  And here is what she sang:

     When you wish upon a star,
     Makes no difference who you are.
     Anything your heart desires
     Will come to you.

Didn't think much about that, of course, because my sentimental, kitten-loving servants, often come up with silly nonsense like that.  But then I thought, what the heck?!  My bed is in front of a window and it's going to be a clear night tonight.  If I see a star I'll give it a shot!

Well, that night I wished for my heart's desire, a furever family.  And the next day, and I do mean the VERY next day, in walked a couple.  Our eyes met across the room and it was like some enchanted evening, except that it wasn't evening because StreetCats isn't open in the evenings.  I just knew this was the one!  And do you know what they said?  They said that I was exactly what they were looking for!  Well, of course!  Finally, someone gets how special I am!

Here is a picture of one of my adopters.  Her name is Brandy, but I think I'll call her Mom!  My new dad's name is Jeremy and dads are important, too, but I don't have a picture of him.

Isn't she so pretty?!  Her eyes are almost as pretty as mine!

So, just in case you haven't followed this scenario, I'VE BEEN ADOPTED!!!!  This star wishing thing works!  And, in my new home, I have several beds that are beside windows!  Whatever my heart desires!  I think maybe wet cat food will be my next wish!  And did you know that this house has birds?  I haven't seen them yet because they are in a special room.  So I don't know what kind they are. I haven't enjoyed a bird in such a long time!  The taste is different depending on the breed.  I hope they are good ones!

So consider this my goodbye to all my servants at StreetCats and to all my blog readers.  You are numerous and I know how much you love me, but now I have servants 100% dedicated 24/7 only to me!  I know how much you are missing me and I do understand.  But a girls got to do what a girls got to do.  And several beds with several windows?  And birds?  And whatever I wish for?  Well, just bye bye!  I have set up a shrine to myself that you may look at when you get too sad.  And don't worry about the blog.  I've got you covered!  There'll be someone to take my place, not as good, of course!  TTFN  (That stands for ta ta for now!)  Hee hee!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Attention StreetCats Servants!

THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING!  Lulu is a tolerant cat, but even I have my limits!  I have asked you and asked you and I'm no longer asking!  Do you hear the seriousness in my meow?!  This final verbal warning will be followed at the next offense by an official written reprimand!  And you know what that means, don't you?!  After as many written reprimands as I decide to give you, more concrete action will be taken!  Your salary and/or your benefits will be cut!  Maybe both!  I will no longer allow Lin to bring cookies and leave them here for you to eat, no matter how good they are!  And perhaps there will be no candy for Halloween!    And salary?  I may stat charging you to work here!  Yes, I am prepared to take drastic measures to get you to obey the formal rules of StreetCats!  Further violation of the rules could result in your dismissal as one of my servants!  And that is not something you want to have on your resume!

Okay, we're going to go over this rule one more time.  StreeetCats does not take kittens!  This is a rule that works very well for me, Lulu, the head cat at StreetCats.  Why you insist on ignoring this rule I do not understand!  We have six kittens in here right now!  Count them!  Gigi, Mitzi, Judy, Pepper, Odie and Lokie!  One, two, three, four, five, SIX!  SIX KITTENS!  Now that is against the rules, right?!  Yes, I know they are not little kittens, but we've been over this before, too!  They are still kittens!  I saw one of them today literally climbing over Zoey while she was on her watch for her furever family!  Rude!  Zoey is just not up to those shenanigans!

Now I am going to show you a picture.  And I'm not showing you this so that you'll go gaga over Gigi, Lokie or Odie.  Believe me, I've heard plenty of that silly human babble the last several days!  Just DON'T get carried away as you look at this picture!

What I want you to notice in this picture are the HUMAN shoes!  Now I would assume those shoes are attached to HUMAN feet.  Right?!  And why do you suppose those human feet are where they are???  They are watching the KITTENS play!  No harm in that, you say?  I beg to differ.  At least two of those human feet were supposed to be in my room brushing me!  I have had it!  FINAL WARNING!  I'M DONE!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Rank Has Its Privileges!

I know it isn't very nice to gloat.  And I know that I should be humble about my station in life at StreetCats, but I really need to show you how things are at chow time where I live.  Chow time comes twice a day for me, once in the morning and once in the evening.  Right?  That makes sense.  And about the same time I get to eat the other cats eat, too.  And what a crazy time it is for those other cats.  Oh they each get their own dish of food and that's cool.  But really, if one cat eats faster than another I can't say that there might not be some stealing of food here!  I wonder if my servants are sure that each kitty gets their share!  Let me show you what I mean.

They look pretty enthusiastic, huh?!  I wonder if they couldn't be a little more aloof in how they respond to feeding time.  I mean sometimes they wait by the door through which their food arrives and they don't even pretend that they aren't anticipating meal time.  That is not catlike!

Now when you are the head cat at StreetCats and have your own room with your own tree and computer and private bed and litter box, chow time looks a little different.  Let me, once again, show you what I mean.

You can see the difference, right?  I have a plate for my dishes to sit on and there is no one crowded around me.  And of course I'm seen more clearly in the picture and it is just a better situation for me.  And I don't act like an idiot by diving into my bowl!  I am so lucky!  And smart!  And composed!

But wait.  The other cats are gobbling up their morning wet food.  Man, they love it!  Me . . . well, I'm special so I don't get wet food.  I get this special dry food that is just for me because I am so darn special.  And I get it every morning and every evening and then again the next morning and the next evening.  And again the next day.  I can tell from my nose that the wet food that the other kitties get is different every meal!  Okay, I'm thinking about this now.  And I'm thinking about growling.  And I'm thinking about getting out of here at meal time and checking out what the other cats get.  I bet no one would even notice me in that crowd!  And I'm thinking that maybe I don't want to be quite this special, at least when it comes time to eat!  You wouldn't tell, would you?  No, of course you wouldn't!  Would you?  My servants don't have to know everything!  Please?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Apply for Sainthood Here!

Ha, just kidding, of course.  You can't apply for sainthood here!  In fact, I don't think you can apply for sainthood anywhere!  The only things you can apply for here are to adopt a cat or to become a volunteer.  And both are well worth the applications!  And even if you do what I'm asking you to do, that probably wouldn't get you sainthood.

However, if you are working on your Girl or Boy Scout Patience Badge, I do believe that I can help you!  Way back in April I wrote to you about a cute little kitty who lives here at StreetCats and about what a sad life she has lived.  I'm going to refresh your memory.  This is Toots!  She came to us from an apartment complex where she had been fending for herself.  She had no person to take care of her and we don't know about all her experiences with people.  We do know there were other cats around that were picking on her!  I don't know why creatures are mean to each other some times.  But they are, and during her life in the apartment complex Toots learned that it would be wise not to trust anyone.  So during this time she has been at StreetCats she has gradually learned that not all people, or even maybe all cats, are bad!

Toots is such a pretty kitty, but even in this picture you can see some of the distrust in her eyes.  Are you my friend?  What should I expect from you next?  Should I let you pet me?

Now here is another picture of Toots that shows what a long way she has come.  In this picture she is sharing cuddles with one of our volunteers, Rita.  It is such a surprise when Toots does something like this that all the volunteers come running to see it happening!

Okay, full disclosure here.  The next time Rita came into the shop to see Toots, she got a nice slap when she wanted to pet her!

So Toots needs a furever home where someone will give her the chance she needs to feel safe.  She should probably be in a home without any other cats because I'm not sure she is ever going to trust other cats.  But, as you can see in this picture, I think there is a very good chance Toots will come to believe there is a human who will love her, take care of her, and never hurt her.  Do you want to be the human who gives her that chance?  She sure deserves such a chance!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

True Love!

Hi, everyone!  It's me, your best cat in the world, Lulu.  Don't worry, no pity party from me today because I'm going to tell you about one of my servants.  This human makes me feel very happy!  And here she is!  Her name is Barbara Roberts and she has been volunteering with StreetCats for about ten years now.  Isn't that amazing!  She loves us kitties that much!  And she loves us enough to serve on the Board of Directors as the Recording Secretary.  And she works on "intake."  That means that she figures out which kitties need to come to live at StreetCats until they find a home.  Isn't that neat?!  Then add that she is a "lead" volunteer.  That means that she has a key to the shop and knows all the rules and regulations and can help pretty much anyone who comes in the door!  Even I can't do that!  Well, I could, but I don't want to!

The kitties in this picture are Zoey, on Barbara's lap, and Annie, who is apparently getting ready to show Barbara something she needs to see.  You've met Zoey.  She is the kitty I told you about who breaks my heart by sitting in the chairs outside my room to watch for her furever people to come to get her.  Ooohhh, I just can't think about that again!  And Annie is a very sweet young cat of about one year who is going to be a perfect friend for someone.  She had to grow up really fast because she had a litter of kittens when she was just a kitten herself.  That's a sad story, too, because when she was left at StreetCats she had a lot of milk for her kittens, but there were no kittens with her.  No one wants to think about what might have happened to those kittens!  Anyway, both Zoey and Annie love Barbara, but probably not as much as she loves them!

Barbara has two kitties of her own at her house!  She has Groucho and Sophie.  But that isn't even enough kitties for her and that's why she comes to StreetCats.  I have heard that human hearts are so big that there is room for more love than you could imagine.  And I guess that must be true, else why would our human servants keep taking care of us!  I think it is true love!  Oh it is easy enough to kiss a kitty on the head and say that you love him.  But it is something else to really show your love by coming in here week after week and cleaning litter boxes and cages and floors!  Saying love is one thing.  Showing it is something else entirely!

I'm going to show you another picture of Barbara now that will demonstrate just how far this woman will go in showing her love for us.  We recently had a new kitty come into StreetCats named Tuxie.  He is about five years old and, like Annie and Zoey, is going to be a wonderful companion to some human person.  (That's funny!  Human person!  I'm funny, don't you think?!)  Anyway, Tuxie's name pretty much gave away what he looked like so Barbara came to StreetCats prepared to make him feel entirely at home.  Here, I'll show you what I mean!

She wore black and white just so that Tuxie would feel right at home in his new house.  And it worked!  Tuxie rolled right over to have his tummy rubbed!  Wow, his furever human is going to love him!  Right, Barbara?!

Oh, I think I've just had another epiphany!  Is it possible that our humans are actually angels?  Guardian angels?  I heard once that if you want to see a real angel you should look into the eyes of a friend.  Oh my!  I know we have angels across the rainbow bridge who are keeping an eye on us.  But . . . perhaps we have guardian angels right here at StreetCats!  Is that possible!  What do you think?!