Saturday, October 5, 2013

Apply for Sainthood Here!

Ha, just kidding, of course.  You can't apply for sainthood here!  In fact, I don't think you can apply for sainthood anywhere!  The only things you can apply for here are to adopt a cat or to become a volunteer.  And both are well worth the applications!  And even if you do what I'm asking you to do, that probably wouldn't get you sainthood.

However, if you are working on your Girl or Boy Scout Patience Badge, I do believe that I can help you!  Way back in April I wrote to you about a cute little kitty who lives here at StreetCats and about what a sad life she has lived.  I'm going to refresh your memory.  This is Toots!  She came to us from an apartment complex where she had been fending for herself.  She had no person to take care of her and we don't know about all her experiences with people.  We do know there were other cats around that were picking on her!  I don't know why creatures are mean to each other some times.  But they are, and during her life in the apartment complex Toots learned that it would be wise not to trust anyone.  So during this time she has been at StreetCats she has gradually learned that not all people, or even maybe all cats, are bad!

Toots is such a pretty kitty, but even in this picture you can see some of the distrust in her eyes.  Are you my friend?  What should I expect from you next?  Should I let you pet me?

Now here is another picture of Toots that shows what a long way she has come.  In this picture she is sharing cuddles with one of our volunteers, Rita.  It is such a surprise when Toots does something like this that all the volunteers come running to see it happening!

Okay, full disclosure here.  The next time Rita came into the shop to see Toots, she got a nice slap when she wanted to pet her!

So Toots needs a furever home where someone will give her the chance she needs to feel safe.  She should probably be in a home without any other cats because I'm not sure she is ever going to trust other cats.  But, as you can see in this picture, I think there is a very good chance Toots will come to believe there is a human who will love her, take care of her, and never hurt her.  Do you want to be the human who gives her that chance?  She sure deserves such a chance!


  1. Thank you so much for the work you do. We still have Bitty Bit, once known as Wild Ivy(2005) as well as Emma (2006) in our home and love them both dearly. Also acquired about two years ago is Abby from Pet Adoption League and a special girl, Blu, who came to live under our deck this summer. Our veterinarian pronounced her in good health and she is now thriving with the other girls. The house is full of kitty love and they all get along well. It all started with Bitness and we are very grateful for the furry four-legged love.

    I still like to come in when I can during my busy time off to visit the kitties and offer some some love.

  2. Oh, Susan! I am so happy you are providing a home and lots of love to kitties! And I bet they reward you every day! Come see us at StreetCats any time! You have my personal invitation to visit me in my private office!