Thursday, October 17, 2013

Attention StreetCats Servants!

THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING!  Lulu is a tolerant cat, but even I have my limits!  I have asked you and asked you and I'm no longer asking!  Do you hear the seriousness in my meow?!  This final verbal warning will be followed at the next offense by an official written reprimand!  And you know what that means, don't you?!  After as many written reprimands as I decide to give you, more concrete action will be taken!  Your salary and/or your benefits will be cut!  Maybe both!  I will no longer allow Lin to bring cookies and leave them here for you to eat, no matter how good they are!  And perhaps there will be no candy for Halloween!    And salary?  I may stat charging you to work here!  Yes, I am prepared to take drastic measures to get you to obey the formal rules of StreetCats!  Further violation of the rules could result in your dismissal as one of my servants!  And that is not something you want to have on your resume!

Okay, we're going to go over this rule one more time.  StreeetCats does not take kittens!  This is a rule that works very well for me, Lulu, the head cat at StreetCats.  Why you insist on ignoring this rule I do not understand!  We have six kittens in here right now!  Count them!  Gigi, Mitzi, Judy, Pepper, Odie and Lokie!  One, two, three, four, five, SIX!  SIX KITTENS!  Now that is against the rules, right?!  Yes, I know they are not little kittens, but we've been over this before, too!  They are still kittens!  I saw one of them today literally climbing over Zoey while she was on her watch for her furever family!  Rude!  Zoey is just not up to those shenanigans!

Now I am going to show you a picture.  And I'm not showing you this so that you'll go gaga over Gigi, Lokie or Odie.  Believe me, I've heard plenty of that silly human babble the last several days!  Just DON'T get carried away as you look at this picture!

What I want you to notice in this picture are the HUMAN shoes!  Now I would assume those shoes are attached to HUMAN feet.  Right?!  And why do you suppose those human feet are where they are???  They are watching the KITTENS play!  No harm in that, you say?  I beg to differ.  At least two of those human feet were supposed to be in my room brushing me!  I have had it!  FINAL WARNING!  I'M DONE!

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