Tuesday, October 1, 2013

True Love!

Hi, everyone!  It's me, your best cat in the world, Lulu.  Don't worry, no pity party from me today because I'm going to tell you about one of my servants.  This human makes me feel very happy!  And here she is!  Her name is Barbara Roberts and she has been volunteering with StreetCats for about ten years now.  Isn't that amazing!  She loves us kitties that much!  And she loves us enough to serve on the Board of Directors as the Recording Secretary.  And she works on "intake."  That means that she figures out which kitties need to come to live at StreetCats until they find a home.  Isn't that neat?!  Then add that she is a "lead" volunteer.  That means that she has a key to the shop and knows all the rules and regulations and can help pretty much anyone who comes in the door!  Even I can't do that!  Well, I could, but I don't want to!

The kitties in this picture are Zoey, on Barbara's lap, and Annie, who is apparently getting ready to show Barbara something she needs to see.  You've met Zoey.  She is the kitty I told you about who breaks my heart by sitting in the chairs outside my room to watch for her furever people to come to get her.  Ooohhh, I just can't think about that again!  And Annie is a very sweet young cat of about one year who is going to be a perfect friend for someone.  She had to grow up really fast because she had a litter of kittens when she was just a kitten herself.  That's a sad story, too, because when she was left at StreetCats she had a lot of milk for her kittens, but there were no kittens with her.  No one wants to think about what might have happened to those kittens!  Anyway, both Zoey and Annie love Barbara, but probably not as much as she loves them!

Barbara has two kitties of her own at her house!  She has Groucho and Sophie.  But that isn't even enough kitties for her and that's why she comes to StreetCats.  I have heard that human hearts are so big that there is room for more love than you could imagine.  And I guess that must be true, else why would our human servants keep taking care of us!  I think it is true love!  Oh it is easy enough to kiss a kitty on the head and say that you love him.  But it is something else to really show your love by coming in here week after week and cleaning litter boxes and cages and floors!  Saying love is one thing.  Showing it is something else entirely!

I'm going to show you another picture of Barbara now that will demonstrate just how far this woman will go in showing her love for us.  We recently had a new kitty come into StreetCats named Tuxie.  He is about five years old and, like Annie and Zoey, is going to be a wonderful companion to some human person.  (That's funny!  Human person!  I'm funny, don't you think?!)  Anyway, Tuxie's name pretty much gave away what he looked like so Barbara came to StreetCats prepared to make him feel entirely at home.  Here, I'll show you what I mean!

She wore black and white just so that Tuxie would feel right at home in his new house.  And it worked!  Tuxie rolled right over to have his tummy rubbed!  Wow, his furever human is going to love him!  Right, Barbara?!

Oh, I think I've just had another epiphany!  Is it possible that our humans are actually angels?  Guardian angels?  I heard once that if you want to see a real angel you should look into the eyes of a friend.  Oh my!  I know we have angels across the rainbow bridge who are keeping an eye on us.  But . . . perhaps we have guardian angels right here at StreetCats!  Is that possible!  What do you think?!

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