Monday, October 14, 2013

Rank Has Its Privileges!

I know it isn't very nice to gloat.  And I know that I should be humble about my station in life at StreetCats, but I really need to show you how things are at chow time where I live.  Chow time comes twice a day for me, once in the morning and once in the evening.  Right?  That makes sense.  And about the same time I get to eat the other cats eat, too.  And what a crazy time it is for those other cats.  Oh they each get their own dish of food and that's cool.  But really, if one cat eats faster than another I can't say that there might not be some stealing of food here!  I wonder if my servants are sure that each kitty gets their share!  Let me show you what I mean.

They look pretty enthusiastic, huh?!  I wonder if they couldn't be a little more aloof in how they respond to feeding time.  I mean sometimes they wait by the door through which their food arrives and they don't even pretend that they aren't anticipating meal time.  That is not catlike!

Now when you are the head cat at StreetCats and have your own room with your own tree and computer and private bed and litter box, chow time looks a little different.  Let me, once again, show you what I mean.

You can see the difference, right?  I have a plate for my dishes to sit on and there is no one crowded around me.  And of course I'm seen more clearly in the picture and it is just a better situation for me.  And I don't act like an idiot by diving into my bowl!  I am so lucky!  And smart!  And composed!

But wait.  The other cats are gobbling up their morning wet food.  Man, they love it!  Me . . . well, I'm special so I don't get wet food.  I get this special dry food that is just for me because I am so darn special.  And I get it every morning and every evening and then again the next morning and the next evening.  And again the next day.  I can tell from my nose that the wet food that the other kitties get is different every meal!  Okay, I'm thinking about this now.  And I'm thinking about growling.  And I'm thinking about getting out of here at meal time and checking out what the other cats get.  I bet no one would even notice me in that crowd!  And I'm thinking that maybe I don't want to be quite this special, at least when it comes time to eat!  You wouldn't tell, would you?  No, of course you wouldn't!  Would you?  My servants don't have to know everything!  Please?

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