Monday, October 9, 2017

Until We Meet Again

Hi, everyone!  Here I am . . . Smokey!  Before I tell you what I have on my mind today I want to share a story with you.  It is such a beautiful story!  Many of you already know it, but it is such a nice story that it's fun to read it over and over again!  Here it is.
Now guess what!  When you are reading this that beautiful place described in the story is where I'll be!  Now, wait, wait!  I can see your smile turning into a frown with a sad expression all over your face.  Stop that!  You know, because I've told you, that my health has not been good.  And several days ago I decided it was time to leave my people for a while.  I will miss them, but I'll feel so much better and I know we'll be together again some day!

So . . . how did I tell these people who love me so much that it was time for me to go?  Well, I quit eating and drinking.  That's the way many of us living beings do it.  My people didn't want me to be uncomfortable so they took me to the hospital.  They are going to miss me so much that they tried a lot of different foods to see if I would change my mind.  And I must admit I was tempted by some of the yummy things they offered me!  But my old body has just broken down to the point that I couldn't handle that.  And talk about uncomfortable!

But my final days in the hospital were not so bad.  The people there at Feline Specialties are very kind.  And I had the best visit from my mom, Linda D!  She brought my brush (gosh I love that brush!) and she brushed me and talked to me for such a long time!  Thanks, Mom!  And when it was my time for my final sleep, Mom was there with me.  And now I am gone, waiting in the wonderful place in the story I shared with you.

Now here is what I want my people to do!  I want you to continue your loving care for kitties and for any other animal that crosses your path.  And we will continue to reward you with loving you and letting you stroke our soft fur!  And when I see you again I will be so proud of what you've done with your days!  Your kindness matters!  Now remember, I'll be waiting for you!  And Linda D., don't forget my brush!