Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Just Chillin'!

Hi everyone!  I decided it's time to check in and give you an update about the things happening at StreetCats.  First, I, Smokey the cat, was at the spa/hospital for a few days.  You know I haven't been well and I went for a checkup and to get a bath and massage.  My fur is so soft now that the human helpers are bugging me a bunch because they want to pet me.  And actually I don't have a lot of time for that or for writing blogs.  Napping and dining are my priorities!

So, what's happening here?  Actually the group of us is just chilling around here, waiting to be adopted.  There haven't been a lot of adoptions in the last few weeks and I know why.  It's because it's warm outside.  Just wait until it turns cold and all the humans want to be next to that fur that I mentioned above!  Then there'll be people streaming in here!  In the meantime, we're just hanging out waiting.  Make no mistake, we all want forever homes!!  But in the meantime, we are comfortable and dearly loved!

For instance, here's Beamer.  He likes to pretend he's nursing and these people let him do it, right?!  That's just how much they love hm!!
And while he isn't nursing and is just chilling he has a window to look out.  It's fun to watch the cats and people coming and going.
When the people do get ready to come and adopt us, we have all kinds of kitties to choose from.  We have lap cats like Sparkle.
We have shy kitties, playful kitties, kitties who like to talk and kitties who like to hide.  We have kitties of all colors!  And we have laid back kitties, like Boris, who went home several weeks ago.
So fall weather is here, folks, and we're here waiting for you . . . with our soft, warm, silky fur.  Hurry in, beat the rush!!