Monday, September 23, 2013

When Will I Be Loved?!

So here I am lying on the floor in the corner behind the copy machine and two of my servants come in to clean my room and they ask, "Lulu, what are you doing over there?"  But then do they wait for an answer?  No, because they are so focused on their cleaning!  I have only myself to blame for that because of how well I've trained them!  So . . . they don't know why I am lying in the corner, but I'm going to tell YOU!  I went over there in this very private place to have a pity party!

And why, you ask, would Lulu, the most important and beautiful cat at StreetCats need to have a pity party?  I have certainly never been cheated, nor mistreated!!!!  But I still have to ask "When will I be loved??!!"  When a new human comes in that I want for mine, he or she always breaks my heart in two.  It happens every single time!  Yep, I'm in my room running this place and I am so busy that the human I have my eye on doesn't even notice me!

Now I HAVE been made blue, because I have been lied to!  The paper here at StreetCats that has my information on it says that I was abandoned.  Now do you expect me to believe that??!!  I am the prettiest, smartest cat at StreetCats and I have, hands down, the very best purr!  (If you don't believe me, just come listen.)  Fate may have led me to StreetCats because I am so needed here, but never in the whole wide world would anyone have abandoned me!  Now my information also says that I am about ten years old.  Well, I have never told anyone here my age so I don't know how they would know, but I will tell you that I'm old enough not to cause any foolish problems for any humans!

So I'm going to let you look at me again so that we can talk about what color I am.  Oh, my servants can discuss that for the longest time!  Well, tabby, they say.  Maybe gold tabby with some brown patches?  One says I am the color of a squirrel!  Now I did have to laugh at that one!  And of course you know how beautiful my eyes are . . . we've talked about that before.  And I use both dark and light eye liner, very unique!  And my purr!  Don't forget my purr!  And I am not one bit boney like some cats!  Nope, not boney at all!  Just soft and furry!

Okay, I'm going to stop my pity party now.  I know all my servants love me, they really do!  And I know they appreciate how well I run this place.  Still, a furever human, someone who I would see every single day and with a bed where I could sleep with them instead of by myself?  I know, I know, count my blessings, and I do have many.  But, tell me, WHEN WILL I BE LOVED!

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