Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Almost Perfect!

Now remember, it says "almost" perfect.  Because we know, of course, perfection is not easily attained.  I sometimes hear the humans says that no one is perfect and, when I hear that, I look at them with my big eyes and meow "really?"  Have you forgotten me?!  Well, if I'm not perfect I'm more than "almost" perfect, although I'm not sure how I would say that.  Maybe perfect most of the time.  But that's not what I'm talking about here. I'm really talking about a cat here at StreetCats who is almost perfect!

And that cat is Jerry!  And here he is!

 Oh my gosh!  Look at that sleek, black fur and those shiny gold eyes!  One can't credit this perfection to Jerry, of course.  He obviously just has good genes.  And part of why he looks so great is because my human servants have learned to feed us the very best food!  I taught them!  But of my goodness, isn't he pretty?!

Jerry is also a lot of fun!  He is curious and active and he loves to play.  He is sweet and loves all the human servants and all the cats!  He just makes himself at home and enjoys life!  I bet he even loves dogs!  (I'm not sure if that is part of "perfect",  however!  And I'm just guessing because we don't have dogs at StreetCats.)

Part of his perfection can be credited to me, of course, because I teach my cats how to behave themselves.  When you adopt a cat from StreetCats you get the benefit of a cat who has had excellent Lulu training.  You can get that nowhere else in the world!  Here is an example of what I'm talking about.  This is Jerry waiting his turn to drink out of the faucet.  Now don't worry, my servants give the kitties fresh, cool, clean water every day, but for some reason they like this faucet.  I allow it because, well, this is a way for the cats to learn their manners.  See how nicely Jerry waits his turn?!

 Okay, now it is time to tell you why Jerry is only "almost" perfect.  Well, Jerry has some communication issues.  I've tried and tried to help him with them, but he just isn't getting it!  As I said, Jerry loves to play!  So when he decides to play, he just does it!  He seems to be totally unable to understand when the cat he wants to play with is saying "I DON'T WANT TO PLAY!"  I mean it doesn't matter how loud they say it, he just keeps playing!  So the servants are always having to retrieve him and redirect him to a cat who does want to play.  It can be a real problem and the cats who don't want to play get very upset!  I've explained to them that he can't help it, he has special needs, but they want me to do something about it.

So here is what I propose.  I propose that you, reader, adopt Jerry and take him to his furever home.  Do NOT take him to a home that has a cat who does not want to play because if I, Lulu, could not teach him about this communication skill, no one can!  He will torment that poor kitty!  Take him to a home with a zillion toys for him to play with or with another cat or dog who wants to run and play with him.  Now we have a couple of cats at StreetCats right now who like to play with Jerry.  You could maybe save money on toys by just adopting one of these cats, too!  Now that's a pretty cool idea!  (I'm good at cool ideas!)  Jerry will keep you busy, but your rewards will be great!

WANT AN ALMOST PERFECT CAT?  Come visit Jerry at StreetCats!!!

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