Monday, August 26, 2013


Isn't that a cool word?!  It has five syllables!  English is the only human language I know, but it is pretty neat and pretty hard.  So I speak English and cat and that's all.  But anyway, reciprocity is a special word. Instead of saying "if you scratch my back I'll scratch yours,"  you can say that you'll reciprocate!  Just love that word!

So the reason I'm writing about reciprocity is that I've heard some questions lately about why our servants come and wait on us every day.  Some people don't get it.  So since I understand everything, I'll explain.  The reason is that we reciprocate!  For example, when our humans feed us we show our appreciation by eating voraciously and that makes the humans happy.  That is reciprocity.  Another example is when they clean out our litter boxes and we use the clean one right away!  Our showing them so concretely how much we appreciate their work is reciprocity!  And when they clean our cages, we let them touch us!  And when they sweep and mop our floors, we let them touch us more!  We might even purr!  And when they've done all their work, sometimes we even sit on their laps!  Now that is reciprocity above and beyond any that is called for by what they do for us.  What we give to them in exchange for their service is that we allow them to love us!  How nice we are just brings tears to my eyes!  Most of the time reciprocity is a scratch for a scratch, but we cats give back above and beyond what we are given!

Don't really get it?  Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'm going to show you!

Now I bet you get it!  This is our servant, Vicki Anderson.  She is a very busy woman!!!!  She is a literary volunteer, she is a huge quilter and does other needle work, too!  She is even in a car club with her 1937 Ford!  (I want her to bring it to StreetCats to show us!)  This woman even takes dancing lessons!  But ever since April she has been coming to StreetCats a lot!  The only cats she has in her house aren't real ones.  And even though she has a lot of cat "stuff" in her house, she needs to touch real cats.  What would this nice lady do without us, StreetCats?!  In this picture my friend Fella is reciprocating for all she did for him that day!  (No, you can't have Fella . . . he is already in his furever home.)  You know, putting these facts in words is just overwhelming me with how special we are!  Oh my gosh, I'm not sure I fully realized just how lucky our human servants are!



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