Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Before I tell you my story, here is a picture of me and my eyes.  I just want to assure you that, in spite of a close call, I am just fine.  So don't be worried, just read my story.

Okay, do you remember how in my last blog I was sort of, not really, but maybe just kind of making fun of my servants?  I mean it was totally innocent, of course, because they can't help that they can't see in the dark and that their noses are broken.  Well, shortly after that, I got SICK!  I ran a fever, just didn't feel like eating or drinking anything and they told me at my spa, Feline Specialties, that I was dehydrated!  I felt awful and I'm so glad that I'm back to my feeling good self!

So when I first started feeling sick I heard my servant, Linda, saying something about my not seeming myself and I looked at her, kind of like in this picture, with my eyes.  But then she just left!  Communication with these human servants can be a challenge!  But wait, I didn't mean that in a bad way!  I know they can't help it and I do love my humans!  (I think I have to be so careful what I say!)

So, a couple of days later I was really feeling bad and couldn't even pay much attention to what was going on, but I think it was my servant, Jennifer, who called Linda and told her that she thought I might really be sick.  Well, duh!  What does it take?!  (I didn't mean that!)  Linda came and got me and took me to my spa where I got complete TLC and fluids and massages and before you know it I was back to normal.  Linda and I hang together in the office a lot and she is the greatest!  And she's a good driver so I don't mind riding with her to my spa.

So . . . here is my question.  What is this karma stuff?  Was my getting sick bad karma for having made fun of my servants?  From what I've heard about karma I think that could be it!  But then my human servants, whom I had just been laughing at, saved me!  So that is surely good karma, right?  And I have to have good karma because if I don't I might come back in my next life as a chicken, or (please, no!) a university professor!  Maybe them helping me was good karma for them?   If that's how it works maybe they'll get to come back as cats!

Oh I am so confused by this karma stuff!  Do you think we can just erase all the current karma and start over?  Thank you, human servants, for seeing that I was sick, taking me to Feline Specialties and enabling me to get well because of their excellent care!  I will never make fun of you again . . . or maybe not soon.  I love you!  (But don't tell anyone!)

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