Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Broken Noses! Funny Humans!

This is Toots.  You have met Toots already.  A while ago I told you her sad story.  If you've forgotten,
look it up.

And this is June Bug.  You haven't met her before.  She is one of the kittens.  You know those one year old kittens I've told you about.  The servants are always talking about what nice cats they are and I do suppose it's true.  But, you know, k i t t e n s!

Now we're going to have a test.  I'm going to show you two pictures, one of June Bug and one of Toots and you get to tell me which is which.  Okay, here we go!

Alright, okay, if you look closely you can tell the difference,  That's Toots at the top.  You can see the little white spot on her nose and June Bug doesn't have that.  But those little white paws look so much alike!  I know I promised not to make fun of my servants, but . . . .  Okay, I won't!  No, no, yes I will!  I wish you could hear them with these two cats in the shop.  They run around trying to figure out which is which!  June Bug?  No, wait, you're Toots!  So now Toots has a collar on and that makes it a little easier for them, but it's still funny!  I watch from my room and I chuckle.  My chuckle sounds a lot like a purr so they don't know I'm laughing at them so their feelings aren't hurt.

Here's a funny story about cats who look alike.  Once we had three solid black kittens.  Their names were Maggie, Molly and Mandy.  One had one white whisker, but other than that they looked just alike.  So the servants had to put different colored collars on them to tell them apart.  Yeah, okay, I guess that was somewhat clever, but . . . .


Isn't that just hilarious!  Their noses are broken!!!!  Their noses are broken and they can't see in the dark!  Oh my gosh, it's a wonder they have learned they're supposed to feed  us!

Okay, I'm sorry, I'll stop now!  Yuk, yuk!

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