Friday, July 5, 2013

A Room With a View!!!

Man, oh man, oh man, do I have neat stuff to show you!  But before I show you the cool stuff, a little background.  My very own private room, with the tree and the computer, has THREE views!  Isn't that cool!  One is to the outside and I won't show you a picture of this one because you can close you eyes and imagine it . . . a parking lot . . . dark gray asphalt with cars coming and going and sometimes people.  Sometimes it gets interesting, and sometimes sad, like when a human leaves a cat out there.  They don't think I'm watching, but I am!

My second view is of the part of StreetCats where the regular (as opposed to special me) cats live.  I will show you a recent picture that is really funny!  The mess those kittens can make when they are unsupervised!  The mess was funny, but the look on the servant's face who had to clean it up was even funnier!  Isn't this funny?!

The kittens may be a year old and physically they may be "mature," but it only takes one look at this picture to know that their brains are still kittenish!  Please come adopt them!

Now for the good stuff!  My third view is a room referred to by my servants as the "shop," the "boutique," or the "store."  I hear things about the "merchandise" and that all the profits from the sales go to taking care of ME (well, okay, us).  But what is so not fair is that cats are not allowed out there!  Can you believe that?!  I can understand all the regular cats not being allowed out there, but this is me, Lulu, the #1 main cat!  This is just one more example of those servants going too far in taking care of us!  I guess they are just afraid we'll get hurt out there!

But was Lulu going to just accept and go along with that?!  Guess!!  You're right, no way!  I cannot reveal any secrets here, but I, intelligent, resourceful and competent Lulu, have figured out a way to get into that room.  And I used my big eyes to do it!  Don't tell anyone!  Here are some of the things I saw there!

Look at these bright colors!  These are, I think, covers for human paws!  I know they're a bit weird, but my servants don't have fur on their paws.  At least most of them don't!

I'm not sure what these pretty things that are used by humans are . . . well . . . maybe to make them look more like cats?  I don't pretend to understand everything out here, but boy are these pretty colors!

And, as you can see by this picture, everything in the shop is CATS, CATS, CATS!  I could hardly believe it!  I've seen a lot of people buying things from this shop, and I could never get a good enough view to really get why.  But wow!  I sure do now!

I am saving the very best for last!  There are a lot of things for humans who are in service to cats, and that's a great thing!  But, even better, there are so many TOYS out there!!!!  CAT toys!  There are balls of every possible kind that a cat could want to bat around!  And there are catnip toys!  There are bowls for feeding us and bowls for giving us water.  But now I'm going to show you the very best thing I found out there where I'm not supposed to go.  Shhh!  Remember, you can't tell anyone where you got this information!

These are feathery cat toys!  Or maybe they are real birds!  Oh my gosh, I could hardly control myself!  I wanted to play with them (and I don't even play as much as the kittens do!  No wonder they won't let them out there!)  But I couldn't!  I don't want to take any chance of the servants trying to figure out how I'm getting out there!

But here is what I'm going to do.  I'm going to make periodic risky forays into this universe of color and I'm going to let you know every single thing that is for sale here so that you can come and buy it!  When you do, it will help our servants with buying our food and paying for our spa!  Cool, huh?!  DON'T HESITATE!  And stay tuned for further developments!


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