Saturday, June 29, 2013

Diva the Diva

Hello, StreetCats blog readers!  I know you are disappointed that there is not a picture of me here today and I totally get that!  Really!  But I thought I would introduce you to another StreetCats cat today.  This is Diva.  Diva is about five years old and she has been tossed around way too much in her life.  This girl's color is interesting.  You can see the grey tabby markings on her.  But she also has brown patches!  So is she a brown patch tabby?  Some people think she looks like a tortoise shell color.  Hmmm.  So anyway, whatever color she is, she is not as beautiful as I am.  But she can't help that and she does try to fix herself up with the collar she is wearing.  More about that later.

So I hear the servants talking about her sometimes and they say that Diva is a diva.  Well, duh!  Our servants like to give us names and some of them are pretty silly if you ask me.  I have the best name!  My name is Lulu, in case you've forgotten.  But then of course you haven't forgotten!  Anyway, we would not give each other names.  Just the human servants do that and, as I said, they describe Diva as a diva.

So I looked up the word diva in the dictionary and it said it was an operatic prima donna.  Well, Diva doesn't sing!  So then I looked up prima donna and that definition used the words temperamental and conceited.  Okay, so now I get it!  Especially the temperamental part.  Man, this girl can sure be temperamental.  But then not everyone can be as even tempered as I am so I won't judge.

But here is an example of what I'm talking about.  I observed this with my own eyes one day.  A servant (could I just go ahead and call them slaves?  No?  Well, okay.) picked Diva up and put her on her lap.  Well, Diva immediately jumped down and went in the other room!  And why was this? It was because getting on the lap wasn't HER idea!  But then she IMMEDIATELY walked back into the room and jumped back up on the servants lap!  Aaahhh, NOW it was her idea!!!!  Isn't that just, well, temperamental!  And divaish?!  (I'm not sure that's a word.)

Diva needs to be adopted.  She really needs her own home where she will be a wonderful lap cat for someone, when it is her idea!  She and I have one thing in common.  She doesn't like all these kittens either . . . you know, the ones I wrote about before.  And we have about six of them right now!  So she and I have to be very long-suffering!  But there is one huge difference between Diva and me.  I have my own room, Diva does not.  Okay, I even feel a little sorry for her.  :-(

Now I'm going to tell  you, in all confidence, just whispering here, that I think Diva wants my job.  Shhh, don't tell anyone else!  If she knew how hard my job is she would not want it!  But I still think she would like to have my private room with my very own tree.  And maybe even my computer!  Well, I can tell you one thing for sure.  That will only happen over my ADOPTED body!

So come one, come all, to see all our kitties who need their furever homes.  Just be aware when you meet Diva, who is going to be someone's wonderful devoted lap cat some day, that you cannot choose Diva.  No, she must choose you!  That's just the kind of cat she is!  Oh yeah, I promised to explain the collar.  Looks a little like those ruffled collars that queens used to wear in the old days.  Personally I think Diva wants her named changed . . . to QUEEN DIVA!

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