Saturday, June 15, 2013

Silly Little Girl Cat

I have a story to tell you, but before I do let me tell you about this kitty.  Her name is Daphne and she is a young cat, just barely not a kitten anymore.  She really likes our servants here, but she is not so sure about the other cats, so the servants keep a safe place open for her.  That is a cage that has the door open so that she can come and go as she pleases.  In it is a bed, a litter box, food and water.  She doesn't have to come out if she doesn't want to, but she can come out when she feels like it.  And she does come out a lot, but she sure likes it that she can go back in her safe place if she feels the need.  I've heard the humans commenting that perhaps she needs to be someone's only pet.  Definitely something for me to think about before I approve any adoption of her!

So here is the story.  She was out the other day and she came to my door.  It is a screen door so I know when someone is there.  I'm not disturbed too often and usually I ignore whatever or whoever it is that is hoping to disturb me.  But just this once I went over to see what she wanted.  And she asked me the funniest question I think I've ever heard.  She said, "Lulu, why are there 22 beds for us when there are only 11 cats?"  I laughed so hard!!!!  And then I looked at her face and I stopped laughing.  You can see what a sincere kitty she is!  And this was a sincere question!  She really wanted to know!

Daphne was abandoned.  There are so many words for this thing that happens . . . abandoned, left, relinquished, DUMPED.  I could go on.  We don't really worry about any of that too much at StreetCats.  We try very hard not to judge!  You know what they say . . . "walk a mile in my shoes . . .", "let he who is without sin . . . ."  Well, I'm sure you know how to finish these phrases.  We can't always understand why someone wouldn't want the cat they were supposed to take care of, but we just shrug and take care of them ourselves.

So . . . since Daphne was abandoned, she may never have ever before in her life had even one bed, much less an abundance to choose from!!!!  This even made me a little teary!  So I explained to her.  "Well, Daphne, you might not want to sleep in the same bed in which you took a catnap!  Or perhaps the first bed you try has a lump in just the wrong place.  Or what if it smells like your least favorite StreetCats cat!  Our servants will do whatever they need to do to keep us comfortable!"  And let me tell you this, readers!  Not only do we have a major abundance of beds, but this is just like the best hotel in town!  Our beds are washed daily!  Yes, it is a little irritating at times when the servants get here and we all want their attention but instead they gather up bedding and put it in the washer!  But I digress.

So, silly little Daphne, of course we have lot of beds!  There would be more if we wanted them!  So help yourself to whatever bed you want!  And don't you worry about a thing!  Lulu is going to see that you are well loved during your time with us and I will find a very special home just for you!  They don't call me the head cat for nothing!

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