Friday, June 7, 2013

To Fetch or Not to Fetch

The title of this post is what we will be talking about today.  This is serious and demands immediate attention!  But before we discuss this, let me introduce you to the offending "cat."  His name is Thomaseo and he is about two years old.  And he is quite the conversationalist.  He talks to the humans here a lot!  And then there is his shiny fur and long legs!  Sigh!  I suppose one could say he was too young for me, but I truly believe one is only as old as one feels.  And I'm feeling a little frisky.  Meow!  What a nice hunk to get to look at from time to time!

But he fetches!  Seriously?!  My servants are absolutely delighted that he does this and they laugh and they encourage him!!!!  They throw these balls to him over and over!  He goes to get them, bats them around for a while, and then he carries the ball and drops it at the foot of a human and the whole thing starts all over again.  Does this young man not realize that DOGS fetch????!!!!

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against dogs!  Some of them are very nice to us cats, although believe me you'd better be sure before you decide to play with one!  I even let the StreetCat servants have a dog at home if they want.  Of course, they are not allowed to bring them here!

So the question today is . . . is a cat carrying things too far when he fetches just like a DOG????!!!!  (Carrying things, that's funny!)  My initial reaction to this question is YES!  And I'm especially concerned because we have several young impressionable kittens here and just yesterday I saw one of them pick up a ball in her mouth and then she started walking and oh my gosh . . . well, you know what I was afraid of!

But then Thomaseo came and explained to me how much fun it is to have such control over these humans.  Of course he can just bat the ball around all by himself and then chase it.  And I know that.  But he says it is sort of fun to bring it to them and watch them throw it.  It isn't like a dog where you are just goo goo happy that someone is playing with you.  No, this cat fetching is done with dignity and the definite intention of seeing just how much these humans will do for us!  Hmm!

I'm going to give this matter more thought before I make a decision about this fetching business.  If I observe this behavior in another cat I may have to put an immediate stop to it!  But for now I will tolerate Thomaseo fetching.  Only for now.  But I'm thinking . . . .  If anyone out there has any advice about how I should handle this situation, feel free to give it.  I'm feeling just a little confused.  Maybe because he is so handsome!  Sigh!

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