Friday, June 21, 2013

Pure Indulgence!

Here is another picture of me.  I know you have not forgotten what I look like . . . how could you?!  But I also know you have been longing to see me again so I decided to put here in my blog another picture of myself.  I apologize that you can't really see my eyes in this picture and I promise to post a picture soon where you can gaze into my eyes!  Because they are beautiful!  I would like for you to note in this picture that I have my own tree.  Yes, in my special room at StreetCats I have my very own tree, brought in just for me.  I really do!  And that's the truth!  You can see it here!

You can also see here with me, one of my servants, Christy Campbell.  You cannot see her as well as you can see me, which is as it should be.  She is not a regular servant, but she is a Reiki (pronounced ray key) Master and she came to see me because she loves me!  (I find it interesting that I have not yet met anyone who doesn't love me!)  Reiki is a therapeutic massage that helps me with my stress.  I'm telling you it's stressful to manage this place, even with all the help I have.  This Reiki massage helps me to relax and it balances my energy.  It is not at all unpleasant, as you can see!  So this time I didn't even go to the spa for my massage, Christy Campbell came to me!  I don't think I want to give up my spa trips as it is just good to get away from here sometimes.  But I'm telling you, this was really just as great!  I wonder if humans get this treatment, too.  Hmm.

And this is why everyone needs to have a cat.  When you get a dog, you get one because you think the dog will make you feel loved and will be all goo goo over you.  Right?  But what, I ask you, is the true purpose of a cat????  To be totally and completely indulged, that's what it is!  I have known that I have taught my servants well in the art of indulgence, but when I saw Christy Campbell here and realized why she had come, I really thought I have reached the perfection of pure indulgence!  I do believe I'll purr now!

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