Tuesday, June 4, 2013


So . . . it's 2:00 AM and I'm not sleeping.  Nocturnal, remember?!  And I decide to look at my blog.  So . . . I'm scrolling down through my posts and . . . huh? . . . I do a double take!  A cat double take is where our eyes get bigger and our head jerks back and our ears go back and we have a really surprised look on our face.  It's a lot like a human double take except that humans are not good at moving their ears.  I observe our human servants a lot and they really do have many limitations and it's hard not to take pity upon them!

But I digress.  I scroll back up to what I had seen.  A comment!  Someone wrote a comment about my last post!  That has never happened before!  I wonder if it will ever happen again?  And this commenter likes me!  Of course.  She says I am doing a good job of keeping this place under control!  Again, of course.

And in her comment she said I should tell everyone about spaying and neutering.  Man do I ever hear those words around here a lot!  And some people call it "fixing."  I don't get that because I know they are talking about the cats and we're not broken!  And this spay/neuter thing is sure important to our servants in regard to taking the very best care of us!  Very important!  So I have been watching and listening very carefully and here is what I've learned:

1)  All cats adopted from StreetCats have already been spayed or neutered.

2)  If you go adopt or purchase a cat that has NOT been spayed or neutered then you really do need to do that!  Because, if you don't, there will be more kittens and, as discussed in my previous post, kittens are not a good thing!  I really don't get the correlation between spay/neuter and kittens, but this is what the humans talk about all the time!

3)  If a stray cat comes to your house or neighborhood and you want to help the kitty not to make any baby kitties you can call StreetCats and we will help you!  For $20 you can purchase a "voucher" (please don't ask me for an explanation of what that word means) and take it to a spa/vet that we tell you about and they accomplish this spay/neuter deal on the cat.  And they'll even give he or she a rabies shot!  Isn't that cool?!  So if you call our message line at 918-298-0104, we'll get a voucher ready for you to pick up.

4)  If the cat is wild, you can borrow a trap from us and catch the cat and take it for this procedure.  There are some really nice humans that do this a lot.  And man do I appreciate it!  Can you imagine how many cats I would be responsible for if there weren't humans helping with this?!

5)  Now there are time limits on this deal.  Once you get the voucher you have to use it within three months or you will have to purchase another one.  And if you borrow a trap you can only keep it for two weeks.  Yeah, I know, rules can be a pain sometimes, but this isn't an anarchy (love that word!), it's StreetCats!  So make a plan!

6)  And there is a limit each month of how many vouchers we can let humans have.  We use our StreetCats money to pay what the spa/vet charges above the $20, so . . . well, you know that money deal.  Is there ever enough?!  Hey, here's an idea!  If you have lots of money you can donate some to us!  I do hear "tax deductible" around here!

Now I and all the cats here at StreetCats have had this procedure and I can tell you that it is a wonderful thing to get.  This is done at the spa and when the cats come here they are rested and just fine.  I don't remember having anything special done at the spa, along with my massages and pedicures, but I do feel great now!  One thing I know for sure is that our servants take the very best care of us possible!  So trust me, this is the right thing to do!  So if you need a voucher for a kitty that you want to help, don't forget, call our message line at 918-298-0104 and we'll tell you everything you need to do!

Now I'm going to look through my blog again and see if I have any other comments!  Then maybe a little nighty/night!

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