Sunday, September 15, 2013


I have had an epiphany!  You know, that's when all of a sudden a lightbulb goes on in your head and you suddenly get something you didn't get before!  These special moments are so often followed by "Well, duh!" because you feel you have just realized something you should have known maybe forever!  So it is sort of a neat moment and also an embarrassing, I sure feel stupid, moment!

I'm going to tell you about my epiphany, but first let me set the stage with this picture.

This kitty's name is Zoey and she is sitting right outside my room at StreetCats.  As you can see here, there are chairs along the hall outside my room and she hangs out in these chairs most of the time.  Well, I at first thought that she hung out there in order to be close to me.  That just makes sense, right?! I mean I'm surprised all the cats don't hang out right outside my door.  It also crossed my mind that perhaps she sat here waiting for the humans to finish their chores and sit down with her.  They do sometimes sit here when they finish their work and she climbs on their laps and lets them pet her and brush her.  This makes sense, too!

And then I had my epiphany!  Not only is this the spot right by my office and is the place where a cat can count on having some TLC from the humans, it is the spot in the shop where a cat can sit and watch the front door.  And then all of a sudden I got it!  Zoey isn't sitting here to be close to me!  And, although she loves her StreetCat humans, she isn't sitting here just to get attention from them either!  She is sitting here waiting for her family to walk through that front door and then through the screen door where she is waiting.  She is so patiently waiting and I believe she is saying to herself, "Will they know the minute they see me?"  "Will I recognize them right away?"  I wish they would hurry!  Okay, I'm not going to cry!  It is too hard on my beautiful eyes!

Zoey is really a great cat!  She is about five years old and she has long hair.  In the spring she had a haircut (they call it a lion cut) and her hair hasn't completely grown out yet.  She has very nice green eyes and is, as you can see, a beautiful champagne color.  And she is so nice to our humans!!!  They pet and pet and she never loses patience with them!  Some cats do, you know!  But not Zoey!  I have never seen her nip or scratch!  She is so pretty I just have to show you another picture!  Look at the shape of those eyes . . . not as pretty as mine, of course, but still special!  I think she does a great job with her eyeliner!

Reader, do you think you might be Zoey's new furever human?  Now that I understand why this beautiful kitty sits where she does, it is breaking my heart!  Oh Zoey, I'm going to really try very hard to see that you get your wish soon and your special someone walks through that door!!!  You, beautiful, sweet girl, deserve the best home ever!!!

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