Sunday, September 8, 2013

Good Ole Gal!

As I've told you before, my room gives me wonderful access to hear everything that's going on at StreetCats.  One of the fun things I do is listen to the humans who come in tell about what kind of cat they want.  Sometimes they want a little kitten (yuck!) and we don't have those (thank goodness!).  Sometimes they want a young cat that is almost a kitten (which is bad enough!).  Sometimes they want a specific color of cat or a specific breed.  Often they come in and say they want a lap cat, which reminds me that I need to give my cat readers another lesson on how to manipulate, I mean love, their humans!  Sometimes they're looking for a cat who looks like the last cat they loved.

Occasionally someone comes in and says they want just a good cat to keep them company.  Have you heard the people around here (and in Texas, too) use the phrase "good ole boy?"  Well, that means someone who is just a nice, uncomplicated, helpful, undemanding human.  Oh sometimes I hear some pretentious people use the word in a pejorative way, like good ole boys are beneath them or something. But that's not what I'm talking about here.  I'm using the term in a completely complimentary way . . . everyone just really likes them!  And when a human comes in and asks for just a plain nice companion cat to keep them company, that's what I think of.

The cat that we have right now that qualifies for the role of good ole boy is actually a good ole gal.  Her name is Purrcie and she is about 2 1/2 years old.  She is at StreeetCats in need of a new home because her owner died.  Isn't that just so sad!  I'll tell you some really neat things about Purrcie, but first here is a picture of her.  Wow!  What pretty colors for a good ole gal!

So here is the most special thing about Purrcie, I think.  She is a totally undemanding cat!  She never asks for anything extra.  BUT, if you want to do extra for her, like pet her and love on her and brush her, etc., she'll let you!  If you kiss her, she'll kiss you back!  Cats often want everything to be their idea (which I completely understand), but not Purrcie.  If you want her to just be nearby, she will just be nearby.  But if you want to snuggle, just give her some pats and before you know it she'll be snuggling with you!  And she isn't skittish AT ALL!  On Thursday they bring a steam monster into the shop and it makes noise and spits steam and is just a general nuisance.  Last week they put the machine right next to her and she didn't even care!  And if she is on the cat tree when it needs to be moved for cleaning, she doesn't care!  She just takes a ride and doesn't complain!  I've never seen her be finicky about what she eats either!  She is just really a good old gal!!!!

So if you are a good ole boy or gal yourself and you want a cat to hang with, well, there she is!   This is such a good ole gal that I'm actually thinking about adopting her myself!  Ha!!!

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