Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fun Stuff!

I hadn't really planned to write today.   Oh, this is Vanna in case you were wondering.  I hadn't thought I would write because I don't have a contest winner to tell you about.  We're having a contest.  And most of the cats are entering . . . with gusto!  But we don't have a winner yet and all that will be a surprise so I can't tell you anything about any of that today.  But . . . .

StreetCats is just so much fun sometimes that I just have to write and share with you just exactly WHAT is so much fun!  So first, we have new shirts in the shop!  And I just love them!  I'm going to show you a picture now.

Now isn't this just so cool and so much fun!!!  Here is what I think is going to happen.  Someone is going to come into the shop.  They are going to see this shirt.  And then . . . they are going to see me across the crowded room! And it is going to be like an enchanted evening!  And they will fly to my side and they will somehow just know that they have found their true love!  Then they will take me to my forever home.  Aaahhh!  I'm pretty sure that will happen this week!  So you see, right, why I love this shirt so much!

Okay, now I have one more fun thing to tell you about.  We have kittens!!!!  Yes, kittens!  I know StreetCats doesn't take kittens, right?  Well, I don't know how they got to be StreetCats then, because here they are!  And lucky they are, too, because they will always be StreetCats, even when they're in their forever homes!  And until they get to their forever homes they'll be spoiled rotten and given everything they could possibly need.  And we're looking for forever homes that will spoil them just as much as we do!  Want to see how cute they are?  Here you go!

These twin little girls are between three and four months old and are gorgeous!  Their names are Mischief and Mojo.  Now I just love their names!  And here is what they do at StreetCats.  They play.  And then they play and play and play.  And then they eat.  And then they play.  Sometimes they rest for a minute and then they play and play and play!  Now they are just cute to watch, but I will admit that I've had to hiss at them a time or two.  I know, I know, that's not like me at all!  But sometimes it's necessary . . . you know, for their lessons.

Okay, that's all for today.  So come on in and buy a shirt and adopt a cat!  Like the shirt says, life is short!  And I'll get back to you soon with the winner of that contest!

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