Friday, October 3, 2014

Diversity to the Manx!!!!

Hi, everyone!  Vanna, here!  Have each of you decided which kind of cat you would like to have as a friend?  Well, of course there's the tailless manx.  That's a great choice because their tail never gets in your way!  My favorite, of course, is the Turkish Van.  That's how I got my name!!  What's really funny about the Turkish Van is that it was developed in Great Britain!  But they got their kitties from Turkey and I'm pretty sure I am one of the most royal Van Cats there is!  Just because I don't have papers does not mean I'm not royal.  I'm pretty darn sure of that!

But wait!  Did you know that there is actually a breed of cat called Sphynx?  He looks like the statue! But I guess you have to buy cat clothes for him because he has no hair!  Poor thing!  Wow, there seem to be a lot of cats named after places!  Let's see, there's the Turkish Angora (am I related to her?), The Ukrainian Levkoy (again, no hair!), the American Curl, Bobtail, Shorthair and Wirehair . . . all American!   Oh, and how about the Asian Semi-longhair?  Oh, that's funny!  Or just the plain Asian!  Okay, those aren't countries, but sort of, maybe.  We've got Balinese, Bengal, Bombay, Brazilian Shorthair, British Semi-longhair, British Shorthair, British Longhair, Burmese, Burmilla . . . and that's just the B's!

I bet you're getting the point here.  We felines are a very diverse group, even if you don't count the large ones among us, like lions and tigers!  Here's one I bet you've never heard of . . . Lace Kitten Irish!  Ha!  Got you, didn't I?!  Okay, it's a new breed, not like the familiar Siamese, Persian, Maine Coon, Ragdoll, Himalayan, Russian Blue or Scottish Fold.  Oh wait, did you know there's also a Russian White, Black and Tabby!  Take your pick humans!  Whatever you humans want, we felines can provide it!

You know what I could do???  I could write a song, don't you think?!  It would just name all the breeds of cats!  With it being to a catchy tune, I bet everyone could memorize it!  Here you go:  Colorpoint, Siberian, Egyptian Mau, Abyssinian, Ocicat, Balinese, Serengeti, Snowshoe, Sokoke, Highlander, Dragon Li.  Now which of you would like to take on the task of writing this song?!  I could, of course, but I'm a little busy right now.

And that reminds me, have you heard the human term "remodel?"  How about "redecorate" or "redo?"  These are NOT feline words and I don't like them at all!!!  More about that later!  But for now, after mentioning the Donskoy, the Devon Rex, the Kurilian Bobtail and the Minskin, I'll stop.  Okay, just one more because it's so cute . . . the Munchkin!  I think I want one of those . . . a little kitty for big Vanna!!

Okay, I'll stop.  I think there are at least 20 more breeds that I didn't even mention!  If none of these strike your fancy, get on that machine that knows everything and I bet you'll find something you like! HOWEVER, if you want the very best cat anyone could ever hope to have, come to StreetCats of Tulsa to pick out one of our beauties.  If you want me, you'll have to hurry, because I'm pretty sure my new family will come to find me today!  Or maybe tomorrow!  Oh how lucky they'll be!!!

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