Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Queen for a Day

All right, all right, all right!  For the sake of my sanity, just leave me alone!!  What is it about royalty?!  These cats are driving me crazy, wanting and expecting that I should do something!  When I get off my throne, it's pandemonium, with camera flashes going off and the fawning and purring over me!  And Adam just will not leave me alone!  I haven't given in to his insistence that he be made court jester.  I mean how unfunny would that be?!  But, in an effort to get a little peace and quiet, I have given in to his insistence that I should have a queen.

Okay,  if this will take a little pressure off, I have named Scarlett as my queen!  Got it?!  Now this is just a test run.  She is a quiet and, yes, pretty, cat so maybe she won't be too much trouble.  I wouldn't want to have to put her on trial to get rid of her so I'm making this clear from the start.  One day at a time!!
So here she is, Queen Scarlett . . . at least for today.  Doesn't she have pretty long black hair?  I prefer my black and white fur, but black is one of my favorite colors.  And I like it long like mine.  I hope they don't take her to the spa and let her ask for a shave!!  Yikes, I hadn't thought of that!  A shaved queen???  Now why, you might ask, would they shave the coat of such a beautiful feline as Scarlett?  Well, sometimes feline hair mats so badly that the only thing to do is shave it.  So if your kitty has long hair, please brush!  Sometimes they might have a skin ailment that requires a shave . . . or, Heaven forbid, an injury.  Sometimes our humans just think we're hot and uncomfortable.  Whatever the reason might be, it is best to have a professional cut our fur because our skin is VERY delicate!!!!

So okay, we now have King Truman and Queen Scarlett of StreetCats!
Now don't be getting any crazy ideas about a royal baby!!  We're helping to control,the pet population, remember?  Besides, the next member of my court is going to be an enforcer, a sheriff, to keep,the paparazzi away from me!!

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  1. Good choice, Truman. She's as beautiful as you are handsome.