Wednesday, April 13, 2016


There are two kinds of times here at StreetCats.  There are times when our people are here and times when they're not.  Now we're not going to talk about the times when they aren't here, because those are private times.  Occasionally we leave evidence of what we've been doing when the people aren't here.  And they guess.  But nobody, really, knows for sure.  And no cat is going to tell!!

But during the times when they are here . . . well, they have the strangest machines.  There is one that fills with water and sloshes our beds all around.  Then there is another machine where they put our wet beds and it throws them around some more.  And it's hot!  There is a machine that they turn on and it spits out papers!  There is this one, where I write the blog, that they just sort of sit and stare at!!  And one that spits steam!  But for sure the strangest machine of all is one that our volunteer, Vickie Sanborn, holds up to her face!  And then she does some really strange things!

She gets on the floor!  She climbs on chairs!  She follows us around mercilessly!  Now some of the kitties are afraid of this machine!  After all it does shoot us!  Others think it's fun to play with it!  Most of us just tolerate the strange lady with the machine.  Since she likes us, we'll be nice.  I'll show you a picture of this thing that Vickie puts on her face.
Now in that shot Vickie was working with Lovie Dovie.  Lovie likes Vickie and the camera!  But picture taking needs to be on her terms.  And sometimes she wants to help!
But Vickie is persistent and she WILL eventually get her shot!!?
Impressive, huh?!  And did you see how big that camera machine is???  Good grief!  How does she hold it up?!  Okay, here is one more example of how she works and the results of her work.  Wow!
So now we're just going to tell Vickie how much we appreciate her pictures, the crazy ways she gets them and her machine.  She takes them because she loves us and wants us to have forever homes!  Pretty special, huh?!  Three cheers for Vickie!!!

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