Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How I Know What I Know

Hi, everyone.  This is Smokey.  Remember me?  Now the last time I wrote on this blog I told you about how many kittens there are . . . TOO MANY!  And I promised I would tell you what StreetCats is doing to help with the problem of too many kittens.  And a promise is a promise!  So here you go!

StreetCats has a program called A Stitch In Time.  If you think about it for a minute you'll get it.  "Stitch" refers to the stitches a cat gets when they have the surgery that keeps them from having kittens and "in time" means before they have kittens.  Clever, huh?!  I'm going to see if I can find out who made that up!  So anyway, if someone has a stray kitty or knows of a feral cat, they call our message line (918-298-0104) and leave their name and phone number.  Nice Lindsey calls them back and they get to choose between four vets that help us with this program.  We make a "voucher" for them and then they come to pick it up.  They pay us $20 for the voucher, make an appointment with the vet and take the kitty.  Then we pay the vet for the entire surgery as well as a rabies shot. Heck of a deal, huh?!  And if the kitty you're working with is wild, we will even loan you a trap to help you catch the kitty!  There are still too many kittens out there, but by golly StreetCats is trying to do our part in helping with the problem!  I'm proud!  And I sure do appreciate the people who use our vouchers to help control the kitty problem!!

Now I know someone out there is asking how I know about this.  I can just hear their snarky tone of voice, "How do YOU know?"  "You never even leave your special place!"  Well, here is how I know.  I listen!  And now I hear them saying, "You can't hear everything that goes on at StreetCats!"  Oh yes I can!  Did you know that cats can hear four to five times further than humans?  And that we can pinpoint the location of a sound within 6/100 of a second?  Just think about how fast that is!  We even hear at higher frequencies than dogs do!  And when we quickly locate a sound our ears can rotate 180 degrees to focus in on that sound.  And here's something else!  Each of our ears operates independently!  So if there is someone talking in my room and someone else talking in the office, I can listen to each conversation with a different ear!  Ha!  So you don't ever need to ask me again how I know something!!!  I heard!!

I found this cool picture of Vanna.  She used to do what I do, write the blog.  I wish I could have known her!  She liked to sit on laps and the volunteers miss her!!  But I know she is happy in her very own home.  So here's Vanna.  Check out those ears!!  And try not to be too jealous!  Cats are just special!!

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