Friday, March 3, 2017

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!!!

Today I would like to talk to you about the importance of the arts in our society.  Because I want all my readers to support the arts!  The arts are very important . . . and they include movies.  Here are some of the things that the arts can do to help our society and our world.  They can improve attitudes, help us communicate effectively, be smarter and more innovative (which leads to prosperity, right?)!  Okay, got it?  Support the arts!!

And, more specifically, go to our movie!!  Seriously, our movie!!  I'm so excited about this that I can hardly even explain, but I'll try!!  I'm going to see if someone will take me to this movie so that I can be discovered and win an award and walk the red carpet!!  Can't you just see it?!  Beautiful gray me, on that red carpet!!

Okay, deep breath, let me tell you about this exciting event.  Soon, on 3/10/2017, the wonderful Circle Cinema, surely the smartest cinema in Tulsa, is going to show a film called Kedi.  Now this movie's stars, Oscar worthy without a doubt, are all furry.  And they all say MEOW!!  Yes, yes, yes, the stars of this movie are cats!!  Yes, you read correctly, CATS!!  Now these aren't pretend cats.  These are real cats who live on the streets of Istanbul and they are the STARS of this movie!  (Wow, I wonder if "meow" sounds the same in Turkish as it does in English??). Okay, did you get that, a movie starring real cats is coming soon to a Tulsa theater!!

Now if you think that's exciting, wait until you hear this part!!!  It is coming to Tulsa in cooperation with StreetCats!!  Yes, our very own StreetCats!  If you don't believe me, just call Clark Wiens, Circle co-founder and board president.  And if you need further verification, just talk to our president, Kathy Balsiger, our very own StreetCats president!  She can tell you because she is going to be speaking at the grand opening of the movie Kedi (the movie about cats) on  March 10, 2017, at Circle Cinema, 8 South Lewis Avenue, right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  (Circle Cinema is a non-profit cinema so the proceeds will go to promoting more movies about CATS!)

I have no more time to talk about this now!!  I need to call Feline Specialties and get an appointment to get my hair done!  They'll do a mani/pedi, too!  Oh I just know I'm going to be discovered!  There will be movie stars and movie makers and popcorn and . . . .

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