Monday, April 29, 2013

MY Blog

My name is Lulu and this is my blog.  The name of my blog includes "StreetCats," but it was all my idea and no one else needs to be involved.  I thought it would be nice to at least give the people who wait on me a little credit, so okay . . . they call themselves StreetCats, Inc, and they take care of cats here in Tulsa and help us find homes.  And they help with cats who need to be "neutered," whatever that means.  And they feed me!  Stay tuned for lots more information about this place!

So why am I writing a blog?  Well, first I am the most important cat here so I do have certain responsibilities.  How do I know I'm the most important cat here?  Well, first, just look at my eyes.  No other cat has eyes like mine!  Plus I'm the only cat here who has their own room.  The humans call it the office, but it's my room and no other cats are allowed here.  I get a lot of time with humans here and I've learned a lot!  And I love to share!  So, as I said, stay tuned!

So I'm a cat.  And I'm nocturnal.  That means I like to stay awake at night.  And it gets boring around here at night.  The other cats here come to my door to talk sometimes, but there are no humans here and no human beds to sleep in.  Well, I saw the humans typing on that machine and thought, why not me?  That will be a good way to entertain myself .

I'm tired now.  And the learning curve with this machine has been a bit steep, so I'm going to take a nap.  So gaze upon my picture and tune in again tomorrow to see what other important things I have to say!

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