Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sad to Happy

You would not believe the sob stories I hear around here!  Oh not from the cats!  Once they settle in and figure out how many servants they have, assigned only to be sure that they are healthy, fed, dry and safe, they're happy!  We cats are very smart critters!  We know when we've got a good thing.  It's the people!  And since I let them use my room as their office, I hear it all!  So anyway, this morning I heard them talking about Toots.  This is Toots.  Not as beautiful as I, of course, but she'll do.  These people keep going on and on about how she lived outside an apartment building for three years before someone finally brought her to Street Cats!  Okay, I admit she is probably pretty happy to get her endless food supply here, but do we have to go on about it for so long?!  These people won't rest until she finds her "furever" home.  And yes, I do know how to spell forever, but I guess I can indulge these humans from time to time and this is how they want to spell it.  Something about us having fur, I guess.  Jealous, humans?  Good grief!  A "furever" home seems to be a huge goal for these humans.  I don't know if they all have one, but they sure want us cats to!  And cats do leave here often to go to those "furever" homes.  I wonder what that would be like, a "furever" home.

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