Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Variety of Theories

I am so confused right now that I need to stop and think a bit about what I'm doing.  Okay, we have two contests going right now.  Okay, one is over and one isn't.  So I think I'll write about the one that's over!  Now I'm not confused any more.  The other contest isn't finished because the cats BEGGED me not to declare a winner yet.  They want to continue to show me how good they are at what I'm measuring.  Each one thinks they do it best!  That probably doesn't make sense to you now, but I bet it will later.  Now I bet YOU'RE confused!  I'm sorry.  Just disregard this paragraph!

Okay, on to our contest and its winner.  I decided to have a best yawner contest.  And boy do we ever have a winner.  Her name is Julianna and you met her last week with our Feline Friday post.  Man, she's beautiful and can she ever yawn.

Now here is a question for you about why cats yawn.  You may pick the answer you believe is correct.  Cats yawn because

a.  They are giving you an honest opinion about what they feel is going on.  They're just plain bored!

b.  Their blood oxygen levels are low and they need to suck in some air.

c.  The cat is tired but is forcing himself to stay awake for some reason by yawning.

d.  They are displaying their teeth!  Grr!  Look how fierce I am!

e.  The cat needs to stretch his jaw muscles?

f.  The cat is just plain tired!

So if you want an answer to this question, don't look at me!  I don't know!  Maybe someone will write a comment and give us the real answer.  But really, do you suppose anyone but Julianna can know for sure why she yawned?  Does she even KNOW why she yawned?  I think I'll ask her.

Oh, better not ask her right now!  She's snoozing!

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