Sunday, July 27, 2014


That's UNCLE, as in I give up!  This has nothing to do with my Uncle Al, who was actually a decent cat as far as I know . . . not that I knew him well.  This UNCLE is far more related to Sisyphus!  You know, as in a Sisyphean task!  As in WAIT, let me give this up, please!  Oh, some of you may not know who Sisyphus was, I mean if you're not into Greek mythology.  Well, Sisyphus, again in Greek mythology, not in real life, was a king who got in trouble with the god Zeus.   He was really a very bad, cruel king so I don't blame Zeus for being angry at all.  And you know these Greek myths . . . there are so many versions!  But the final outcome of this story is that as punishment for betraying Zeus. Sisyphus had to roll a heavy, immense boulder up a hill only to watch it roll back again.  And he had to do this not just once, but over and over again . . . forever!!!!

Now it's possible that you're wondering how this story has anything to do with me, Vanna, or with cats or with StreetCats or with this blog!  So I'm going to tell you and your sympathy regarding my Sisyphean task, which I have now officially abandoned, is greatly appreciated.  So . . . I've been trying to have one of my wonderful contests now for several weeks.  And, needless to say, it just really hasn't worked out too well.  And what, you ask, was this contest, Vanna?!  Well, I've been hinting at it for a few weeks, but I might as well just tell you.  It was a contest for the cat at StreetCats who is the Best Eater!  Now wasn't that a cool idea for a contest?  NOT!!

I guess my biggest problem with this contest was that no one was willing to accept defeat . . . that they, in fact, did not win.  They kept wanting to have another trial and then another and another.  I heard things like "Those are shreds!  You know I prefer pate!"  Seriously?!  Yes!  When I would tell them, look, it's all chicken, they would gag and throw up!  Okay, I will admit that a cat's tongue does react to the texture of a food, or how it feels.  That's one reason dry cat food sometimes comes in all shapes and sizes.  So . . . okay, we'll do it again with pate!

And these StreetCats cats are pretty spoiled, too.  One day I served tuna and shrimp for our contest and all I got from one cat was "the human helpers know I only eat chicken and you surely know that, too.  I demand a new contest!"  What?!

And even though cats HAVE to have meat because they need things that can't be found anywhere else, like taurine, vitamin A, vitamin B12, niacin and thiamin, some cats do like to have a bit of fruits or vegetables as an added bonus or treat!  Well, forgive me, please, if your meal did not include any carrots or strawberries!  It is what it is!

Now I'm going to show you how I did this.  Here you go!  You'll see that it was all fair!

Now in this picture you will see the white kitty, Miss Molly, looking at the food and commenting that it is shreds and not pate.

So I scooted it over there to her and convinced her to give it a try.  Big mistake and she says she'll not ever forgive me!  In the meantime Angel had started on her second bowl and I was ready to declare a winner!  But NOOOO, it wasn't fair!

Cats and cat food, cats and cat food!  Did you know that the pet food makers spend so much money trying to figure out what these finicky cats like that they can't even count it?!  They want the little darlings to gobble it up!  And so do our human helpers!  You should hear them when someone doesn't eat.  It's pitiful!  I'm going to plan a lesson, a reminder, on what it's like to live on the street!

So I just have one final thing to say.  There is no winner of the Best Eater contest!  I hereby declare myself exhausted and fed up (hee, hee! . . . fed up!  Get it?)  They can eat or starve from here on out as far as I'm concerned . . . up to them!  I am moving right on to another contest!  More about that later!

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