Monday, December 22, 2014

Have a Holly Jolly!

I, Vanna, could not let this most wonderful time of the year go by without sending you Seasons Greetings!  So here you go . . . HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!  I hope everyone heard that!  I meowed it as loud as I could!

Now I want to tell you that the holidays at StreetCats of Tulsa have been very special.  So special, in fact, that I'm reconsidering firing all my humans.  I think they must have figured out that I was displeased with them because we have had a Christmas tree, and cookies and stockings and tinsel and, most important of all, ADOPTIONS!  Now, of course, I do take some credit for the adoptions of AJ, Sweet Boy, Reba, Gentleman Jack, Sammie, Dot . . . there have been so many I've forgotten who else! Why would I take credit?  Well, as I told you in my last blog entry I recused myself from the adoption competitions.  That means that when someone came in wanting a kitty, I hid.  If I hadn't, all the people who took the cats I mentioned would have wanted me.  And I can tell you that each and everyone of those kitties thanked me as they went out the door.  At first I did that because I knew that StreetCats needed me to stay around and get things under control after that awful remodel.  But then . . . well, tis the season, it's more blessed to give than to receive, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah!

Now I want to show you pictures of how much fun we have here during the holidays.  The kitty I will show you is Cammie and I have picked pictures taken by my own personal photographer, Vickie Sanborn.  She wanted to take pictures of only me, of course, but I convinced her to give someone else the limelight.  And well, Cammie, she was more than willing to take it!  I was only going to show you one picture, but there was just no way to pick just one.  But in these pictures you can see her stocking, her toys that were in her stocking, her tinsel and just how much fun we have here at StreetCats!  Here you go!

Well, I think you can tell how much fun Cammie is having!  She loves her stocking!  I bet Cammie is the very next kitty at StreetCats to be adopted because she is a very sweet, cuddly girl!

Okay, just two more things to tell you before I go dig into MY stocking.  First, just because we've had a lot of kitties adopted doesn't mean we don't have more.  So if you are looking for someone to keep you warm this winter don't hesitate to come see us!  Our kitties are the best cared for, most spoiled kitties in town!

And second, let's be careful during theses holidays.  If you are burning Christmas candles, you might want to put your kitty in another room.  Some cats don't seem to notice where their tails are going!  And ditto if it's a menorah you have . . . at least if it's got real candles.  Hey, if you have battery operated candles you don't have to worry!  I'm so smart!


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