Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!


Truman is really in the Christmas spirit!  He wanted me to pass along a message from him and the rest of the kitties at StreetCats.  As I was hard at work translating and taking down every word he said, he soon interrupted me saying that I was too slowHe then said that we had better make it short and sweet.  

" Merry Christmas, everybody!"

From Truman, Vanna, Gentleman Jack, Cammie, Smokey, Momo, Rainy Day, Tiki, and human bloggers Rita Woodall, and Vickie Sanborn.

P. S. He said that we could add our names (Rita and Vickie) since we were such good helpers.  He also said that we apologize to any kitties we failed to mention here.

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