Friday, January 2, 2015

Final Decision!

Well, there is nothing like a new year to get one off dead center and headed in the right direction.  Oh I know, I've been talking about being adopted ever since I came back to StreetCats a year ago.  Do you remember my story?  The human who originally adopted me from StreetCats couldn't take care of me any more and she was so sad!  Well, I was, too!  And even though I talked a lot about wanting to be adopted after I came back, well . . . and then, well, I sort of changed my mind because of the incompetency of the humans running this place (remodel?  please!) and . . . well, it just never happened.  But that's all water under the bridge, right?  No need to dwell on the past!  And even though I still question the ability of these humans to really run this place in my absence, sometimes one just has to do what's best for oneself!  Right?!  So I glanced up at the calendar a few days ago and saw that 2015 was about to begin and I decided, no hesitancy this time, to be adopted!  Of course I could have, and would have, been adopted any time I wanted if I'd really tried.  I can't clearly explain what was holding me back.  Sometimes, you know, you just don't really get it.  But somehow looking at that calendar just did the trick, provided the motivation, kicked me into gear!

So here is what I did!  First I took a very good bath!

And then I positioned myself in such a way as to be sure potential adopters would notice my most beautiful green eyes.  Here, I'll show you!


Perfect!!  Okay, so here was la paix de la resistance!  Oh wait, not everyone speaks French.  In English that means that I made a plan to provide the final piece in my preparations to be applied when the perfect adopter arrived, the thing that would complete the picture and that could not be denied.  Of course I knew that would be soon because, well, I'd decided!

And sure enough, in she walked.  I spotted her right away!  Oh my gosh, she was just as perfect as I am!  And here's the funny part!  She was actually looking at another cat!  Can you imagine??!!  So here is where that paix de la resistance comes in.  The human sat down and guess who climbed up in her lap?  Me!!!!  Yep, that's what I did!  Now who, anywhere, anytime, could resist that.  And I sat there and I sat there and I sat there, determined that this human would not get up and leave until she had decided to adopt me.  And she petted my soft fur and I purred!

And then, of course, she decided to adopt me and I decided to go home with her.  I couldn't go right away because if you adopt a cat from StreetCats you have to have references checked.  And of course she needed to go home and make my new home perfect for me.  And that gave me time to say good-bye to my StreetCats humans.  Linda Duckworth is one of my best humans!  I think she'll miss me, don't you?  But, you know, "should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind."  She'll be okay.

And soon that special day, December 31, 2014, arrived . . . the day I would go home to my new forever home and awaken the next morning to welcome the bright, shiny, new 2015!   And it is from there that I write this farewell blog entry.  All's well that ends well, huh?!

Oh yeah, one more quick thing before I move into my new life without StreetCats blogging.  Here is a book recommendation for you.  Check out Fun and Games for Cats by Denise Seidl.  Maybe I'll get it for my new mom!

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