Friday, January 30, 2015

Newly Annointed

Well, well, well . . . one never knows what one might find!  Since that Vanna left (I did not like her at all, by the way) I've been occupying the office at night.  In my case, curiosity did not kill the cat but it sure has made for some interesting reading!  I discovered a blog!  What, you might ask is a "blog?"  Well, blog is just a colloquialism for a web log.  A man named Peter Merholz decided that instead of saying web log all the time it would be easier to just say blog.  He did that in 1999, before I was even born.

So this is the first time I've encountered a blog.  Now they don't just happen by themselves.  Someone has to create them.  And I have learned that this blog was created by a cat!  Now I never met this cat, but she was very spunky and I think I might have liked her.  That's a definite "might."  She had a lot of cat confidence and that's a good thing.  She knew herself to be the most important cat at StreetCats.  This cat's name was Lulu and she fancied herself a teacher.  She also had a high opinion of her eyes!  Well, okay they are pretty, but did they really deserve all the attention she gave them?  What do you think?

Well, Lulu got adopted and on her way out the door she appointed Janie as the cat to continue her blog.  Now Janie's story is not a typical cat story.  She did not recognize that the humans were her servants and she thought they were angels.  Disgusting!  But I can sort of understand her view of things.  Janie had a rough life and if it weren't for StreetCats she'd be pushing up daisies right now!  She was rescued by one of the volunteers, Katie Spring.  I don't pay much attention to the humans around here, but I think I'm going to have to seek this one out and take a look.  Perhaps she really is an angel!  Janie lives with Katie now and I've never seen her, but here is what she looked like when she wrote the blog.

Now keep in mind that it took me a long time to read this blog.  This cat writing has been going on for a couple of years now!  And in addition to what the cats have written there has been a human interloper who writes something called Feline Friday.  I couldn't figure out at first why this was allowed, but I have to admit she gets some pretty darn good photos of us cats.  I'll show you some she took of me in a minute.

So I'm reading along feeling really sleepy and I come across a picture of the next cat blogger.  Holy cat!!  Man, if I were several years younger she and I could have made beautiful music together.  What a looker!  Her name is Toots and no wonder someone wanted to adopt her.  Bring her back!  And who cares what she had to say!  She doesn't need to talk at all as far as I'm concerned!

And then Vanna.  Didn't like that girl, didn't like her at all!  Her and her stupid contests!  Pinkest ears?  Really!  Best manicure??!!  Oh my gosh, I'm glad she's gone now . . . and not just because I now have the office!  I think she got herself adopted because she knew who the rightful royalty of StreetCats is!  Oh okay, I'll show you her picture . . . and then we can just all forget her!

So there you have it, the four cats who have written this blog.  Well, now there are five!  Yes, I've decided to be the fifth cat blogger for StreetCats.  But I am not just a blogger!  If Lulu could declare herself the most important cat at StreetCats, then surely I can reveal myself as the royalty that I am.  I am now the King of StreetCats!  My name is Truman, but you may call me Sire.  Now I'm going to show you a couple of pictures of myself.  But I'm tired so that's it for now.  I will write again soon and will tell you some things about myself.  I will also tell you what new laws I've decided to enact.  I haven't decided yet if I will be a benevolent king or a tyrant.  I'm thinking I might be more comfortable with tyrant, but we'll see.  Maybe a little of both!  So here I am!

So if you see me, bow down.  I'll let you know what else you need to do later!

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