Thursday, March 26, 2015

Feline Friday - Frankie

Say "Hello" to Frankie!  I was so happy to meet this kitty!  Frankie came to StreetCats just 2 days ago and everyone that has met him loves him!  You have probably noticed his beautiful eyes and luxurious coat.  He seems to be part Siamese and part Tabby.

Frankie is about a year old and is very friendly.  He has already made friends with all of the volunteers that he has met and also has attempted to make friends with many of the cats in the shop.  At least that is our interpretation of his sniffing noses with other cats.   Wally isn't quite ready to be friends, but I bet he comes around soon enough.

Frankie is definitely good with other cats.  He is also good with children and perhaps gentle dogs.  His foster mom introduced him to a dog and he didn't get scared or excited with that particular dog.   He loves to play and is also very intelligent, in my opinion, because he knows his name! 

Here is a photograph of him taking a break from all of our photography session a.k.a. playing. 

Frankie was rescued by Patti, one of our volunteers at StreetCats.  She has grown very close to Frankie as she has spent the past 6 months fostering him in her home.  She describes him as having "a sweet little soul".   He is a laid back kitty and a lapcat as well.  When he arrived at Streetcats he immediately was interested in the cat rooms and the other cats at the shop, but wasn't upset about anything. 

Frankie is very healthy physically and mentally!  He has had all of his tests, treatments and shots as well as having been neutered.  You can see by the yellow tag on his collar that he has been microchipped.  When he is adopted the new owners' information will be put on the chip.  If he gets lost he can easily be returned to his owners should he be found by someone who has him checked for the microchip at a vet or a rescue organization.  The first year's registration for this great program is paid by StreetCats upon adoption. 

If you are interested in meeting Frankie, feel free to come by StreetCats at 6520 E. 60th St, in Tulsa, 10:30 - 5:00 Tuesday though Saturday, or call our message line, 918-298-0104 with any questions that you may have.  We would love to show you around and introduce you to Frankie  and I’m sure that he would love to meet you, too!

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