Tuesday, May 19, 2015


The humans that hang around here decided to have a party and once again I was left to wonder exactly what is the point of being King.  Did they asked me what I thought of this idea?  Did they ask for advice about how to accomplish this?  DID THEY ASK THE KING'S PERMISSION???  Well, guess.  Of course not!!  By the way, this party was a "surprise."  I guess that's just one more curious thing humans do.  Except, get this!  It was only a surprise to one person!  Everyone else knew!  There are some human things that I guess I'll just never understand!

So the poor lady who was not even told about this party was Nancy Adams.  She's been coming to visit me ever since I got here and she loves me!!  And not just because I'm the king!  Actually she's been hanging around StreetCats for nine years now!  Wow!!  The very best thing about Nancy is that she adopted two StreetCat kitties.  Their names are Millie and Tiny.  Now Nancy has had cats her entire life, but she says these two are the sweetest cats she has ever had in her family!  Well, of course!!  They are StreetCats cats!!

And guess what else she has done.  She helped Samantha Polen when our famous StreetCats cat nip pillows were developed.  She has knitted dish cloths for us to sell so that we would have money for helping get wild cats spayed or neutered!!  Now that is really special!  But most special of all is that she has made six quilts for StreetCats to raffle at My Furry Valentine.  That's our primary fund raiser and those quilts brought in several thousand dollars for all our kitties!  Now that is so special that I'm going to show you a picture of Nancy with one of her famous quilts!  They are so beautiful!
Now another thing humans like to do when they have a party is to eat cake.  Where two or more of those humans are gathered together, they will eat!  With gusto!  Let me show you the cake!

The colors are pretty cool, I think, and the choice of design, the cats, well that certainly couldn't be any better!!  I'm beginning to see the attraction of these parties, although I still don't get the surprise part of it!!

Now I know what you are thinking.  You're wondering where I was during this party.  Don't worry, there is no way I, the King of StreetCats, am going to let these humans just have the run of this place.  Take another look at the cake.  If you look closely, well maybe not even that closely, at the cake you will see the proof that I, King Truman, am not a king that can be run over.  So after I observed these shenanigans for a while, I decided to allow the party to continue.  And to communicate my approval, I put my stamp of approval on the cake.  In a couple of places!  Okay, I'll confess that having the party on my throne might not have met my approval, but I can be lenient.  Cary on humans!!

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