Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I said I would appoint my court.  But being King is a lot of responsibility and I have to sleep a LOT in order to fulfill my obligations as ruler and protector of StreetCats.  But apparently I've been talking in my sleep or something because one afternoon I woke up from a nap to see Adam standing right in front of me doing this!
Well, you can imagine my reaction to this sight!  I about fell out of bed!  After regaining my composure I advised this rude cat to go someplace else to sleep!  Imagine my surprise when he told me he isn't sleepy, that he had heard I needed a court jester and he wanted to show me how big he can yawn and how entertaining it can be.

I barely got "go away kid, you bother me" out of my mouth before he urgently insisted I come with him to watch what else he could do.  Now he has to know how fortunate he is that I actually got up and followed him!  And oh what a fool I am!  I should be the court jester!  This is what he wanted to show me.
Are you kidding me?!  What's so amusing about that?  Cats, just like all creatures, prefer their water as fresh as possible.  And running water is fresher than water that's been sitting in a bowl.  Do you really think you're the first cat to figure this out, Adam?!  Maybe you are just so farsighted that you can't see the water in the bowl and that's why you learned to drink from the faucet.  In any case it does not qualify you to be court jester!

But Adam wasn't going to give up.  He had to give it one more shot!!  "Okay, okay, but look at my crooked foot!"  You have to admit that's funny!"  Different, yes.  Maybe just a little funny.
I'm sure it is as clear to you as it is to me that this cat is no court jester.  I doubt he could get a hyena to laugh!  But I didn't want him throwing a fit that I would have to deal with.  So I told him that I would need some time to consider this.  And I went back to my throne, also known as my bed.  And I'm thinking about it.  Pretty sure that position is still available.  Yep, pretty sure.

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