Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I Can See Clearly Now

Well, not really.  I tend to navigate my world with my nose and my whiskers, but that's just a saying to let you know that I'm not depressed any more.  Oh I know that you didn't know that I was feeling down.  If you'd known you would have come running.  But I didn't tell anyone.  I'm telling you now that it was a little rough for a while.  I can just hear you saying, "Aaahhh, King Truman, what was wrong?"  So I'm going to tell you.

If there is anything harder than being the King of a bunch of cats and cat loving humans, it is being a totally powerless King.  I have had to come to accept that here at StreetCats I am only a figure head.  They let me be king, keep my throne clean and really they do provide for my every need.  But power?  I have none!  Remember Queen Scarlett, my queen for a day that I decided to make queen forever?  Gone.  And Sheriff Adam?  Gone.  Now cats come and go through this facility all the time.  They only live here until they're adopted.  Yes, yes, I know adoption is a good thing!  Really good!!  But it just happens without even a "by your leave" to the so-called King.  If that's not a reason to be depressed then I don't know what is!!  But I've got to stop talking about it or I'll get down, down, down again!

So what is causing me to see clearly now???  I've decided to take a trip!!!  And not just to the StreetCats spa either!  I'm going to take a real trip!  And I want you to help me decide where to go!  One friend told me that Kyoto, Japan, has the best Mexican restaurant in the world, so I did give that some thought.  But no, this vacation will be in one of our great United States.  Please send your recommendations to me as soon as possible so that I can begin planning!  If you've taken a trip recently, tell me all about it!  All options will be considered.  No wait, all but one.  I won't go to Hawaii!  Why?  Well, because Hawaii is very, very safe for cats.  Did you know that it's the only state that has always been rabies free?!  Pretty cool, huh?!  So why wouldn't I want to go there?  Because, in order to keep it safe, they have a very strict quarantine law!  Before going there I would have to be quarantined for a very long time.  Now I enjoy my own company more than anyone else's company.  But, even so, I might get a little lonely during quarantine.  So . . . send me your choice of which state I should visit.  And if you've been to Hawaii, bring me a lei!  🙀

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