Friday, September 25, 2015


I know everyone would like to know what a King does all day.   For sure!  Because being King is not an everyday kind of thing.  It's something that everyone would like to experience.  Right?!  But first I have to tell you that since I have learned so much from my mentor, President Kathy, that my days have dramatically changed.  There was a time when I sat on my throne all day and just noticed all the things that weren't being done right.  But now I'm a working King.  If you want something done right, do it yourself!  Or supervise very carefully!
So here I am riding the fences.  Ha!  Well there aren't any fences here and I don't ride anything.  But that's what cowboys call it when they're checking to be sure everything is in order on the ranch and that's sort of cool, I think.  But instead of riding fences, I walk cabinets.  I have to repeatedly check these cabinets to be sure they are shut and no cats have gotten inside them.
Now here I am checking to be sure the cabinets are well secured, that the latches are closed in such a way that the cats cannot get them open.  Yes, these cats somehow sometimes manage to get the latches undone and the cabinets open.  And then they get inside and make a terrible mess!!  But I'm just checking here because I, as King, would never do anything like that!
And here I am keeping watch.  No more cat naps for me!  Because being King and keeping watch around here means never being able to rest.  Eyes have to be kept open . . . on cats, on humans, on the front door.  This is a busy gig, but I'm loving it!!

And it's not just cats that have to be carefully watched!  Here I am checking to be sure the humans have cleaned well enough to meet the high standards of StreetCats!  It's amazing how often humans come into my kingdom and say it doesn't smell like cats.  Well, frankly that is a little confusing to me.  Of course it smells like cats!!  But clean cats!  What a wonderful aroma!!
So I'm remembering how I used to sit on my throne all day and cavetch.  But now I sit on my,throne only after all my work is finished.  And what a wonderful feeling of satisfaction to rule over and be in charge of such a great kingdom!!

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