Thursday, September 24, 2015

Feline Friday - Summer Adoptions!

I decided for this week's Feline Friday blog entry to show some of the kitties who were adopted in recent months!

This is Bodie!  I'm not sure how I got this ecu, (extreme close-up), but here he is in all of his handsome glory!

This is Gypsy!  Most of you didn't have a chance to meet her.  She came in on a Monday, when we are closed, and was adopted the next day right after we opened. Although you can't tell it by the photo, she is a very young and playful cat!

This is Kit Kit.  She was a bit shy, but the right person found her, loved her, and took her to her forever home!

Sweetie was a wonderful tabby cat to have in the shop.  Sweetie was with us, at StreetCats, for a very short time.  He was so "sweet" that he was adopted right away!

Tortie Mae was one of our favorites, especially with volunteer, Judy Lloyd, who fostered her.  We are so happy that she went to a good home!

And the gorgeous Scarlett was adopted this summer, too!  We really enjoyed her while she waited at StreetCats to be adopted.  Her beauty was only matched by her very, very, good nature!  

These were just a few of our recently adopted kitties.  I hope you enjoyed seeing them for the first time, or revisiting them through these photographs, in this week's Feline Friday!

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