Friday, June 24, 2016

Feline (and Human) Fun

King Adam here.  I am going to write this blog, but before I do I need to vent.  This blog was my idea . . . MINE!  I wanted to show you every single cat toy we have for sale in our shop.  That's exactly what I was going to do, one toy, bed or brush at a time.  Well, because I was so excited about MY idea, I guess the humans figured out what I was doing.  No, I KNOW they figured it out because the next thing I knew they had grabbed a camera and away they went.  They are such buttinskies!!

And before I knew it they were playing dress up!  I'm not kidding!  They put on Laurel Burch shirts and scarves and even opened a Laurel Burch umbrella?
That's Linda Duckworth and she plays with the things in the shop more than anyone else, but she wasn't the only one who was in on this takeover of MY idea!  She has a Laurel Burch purse on her shoulder, too, but since you can't really see it, they took a picture of just all the purses.  Yawn!  Boring!!
And do you see what's on top of all the purses?  A Laurel Burch hat!  No doubt these humans are out of control!  I could not wrest control from them!  They're maniacs!  They went around the shop taking pictures of all the human toys!

Well, finally I yelled (in meow form) loud enough that they agreed to show some cat toys.  But when you look at these pictures notice that the humans couldn't even really stay out of them!!  I bet that reflection is not an accident!  And human enthusiasm diminished, I think, when they were looking at cat toys!  Hmmm!

Okay, I have an idea.  I know everyone reading this blog loves their kitties and would like to see every single cat toy here, AS I HAD PLANNED!  So . . . just come to our shop and see for yourself!  You can find us at 6520 E. 60th St., right behind Charlie's Chicken.     Or here's another idea!  Come to Affair of the Heart at the Fairgrounds on July 15, 16 or 17!  Gosh, come all three days!  We'll be there and you can see all the toys then!  They'll no doubt bring the human toys, too.  That's just the way they are!  Feel free to ignore those!

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