Thursday, June 16, 2016

Feline Friday - Antonio and Angelo!

Meet Antonio and Angelo!  

They are both tabbies and they look very much alike. They are in fact brothers.  Their birthday is coming up in July and soon they will become 1 year olds! 


Telling them apart is quite a trick, but I did find some ways!  

They really do look a lot a like, but with close study I found that there are subtle differences.  For instance Antonio is a little darker with a little bit more black in his coat.  He also has, on each side of his nose, 1 dot.  That’s right only 1 dot.  

Angelo, on the other hand is a little lighter with more brown in his coat.  He also has nose dots, only he has 3 dots on each side of his nose.  Also he has the most defined "M" on his forehead!

These two kitties could not be any sweeter than they are now.  They are people friendly, and dog and cat friendly.  We don’t, however, know how they are with children.  These kitties do love their play time, but in general they are laid back, calm, and affectionate.  We, at StreetCats, all love them!  They are pure delight in fur coats!

Antonio and Angelo were raised together and are very bonded to one another.  Because of this we want them to be adopted together.  Here Antonio is grooming Angelo after a session of wrestling. 

Both kitties are healthy!  They’ve been examined by a vet, tested, vaccinated and neutered.  They have also been micro-chipped!  When they go to their forever home we will put the new owners’ name and contact information on it.  The microchips are the best way to get your precious family pets home to safety once they've been lost.  If found they can be taken to any vet or animal rescue organization to be scanned for the chip. When identified the owners will be contacted.  StreetCats will also pay for their first year of registration with the Home Again program.

Antonio and Angelo

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