Friday, August 26, 2016

Meet - Kiki!

Kiki is a short haired Tortie.  Tortie, if you haven’t heard the term before now, is short for tortoise.  "Torties" have colors that resemble those of some turtles’ shells.   Her birthday is approximately 10/04.  She is front declawed.

She’s doing fine at StreetCats with other cats around, but reports are that she does not do well with children.  We don’t know how she would react to dogs. She does, however, react well to people!

She loves to be combed and brushed.  She is affectionate, too.  One of her most distinctive traits is that she likes to be vocal.  We get lots of “talk” from her.  It’s as if we can carry on conversations with her, except for the fact that we have no idea what she is saying, of course. 

Having a home, at StreetCats, awaiting adoption is not her first time around.  She was adopted from StreetCats in 9/13.  Unfortunately she has been returned to us.  Her owner was an elderly woman that could no longer take care of her.  StreetCats cats are all indoor cats, and Kiki, was accustomed to living in an apartment.  

As I said, she was returned.  Our philosophy is that once a cat becomes a StreetCat he or she will always be a StreetCats cat.  As in this case, the owner could no longer keep her and returning her to us was the best thing for her.  We will continue to love her and take care of her until she finds the right owner.  Often it seems that the cats choose the people rather than the people choosing the cat.

She is healthy!  She has been to the vet and thoroughly checked out.  She has had all of the tests and vaccinations needed and has been given a clean bill of health!  She has been spayed, and microchipped, too!  When the new owner comes along we will update it with the new owner’s contact information.  The chip is invaluable in helping lost pets be returned to their owners!  Also, her first year’s registration fee is paid by StreetCats!

If you are interested in meeting Kiki, feel free to come by StreetCats at 6520 E. 60th St, in Tulsa, 10:30 - 5:00 Tuesday though Saturday, or call our message line, 918-298-0104, with any questions that you may have.  We would love to show you around and introduce you to Kiki and I’m sure that she would love to meet you, too!

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