Sunday, March 2, 2014

In? Out? In and Out??

We're going to talk about those questions!  But before we do, how exciting is this??!!  The winner of our "best whiskers" contest was adopted this week!  That was Scooter!  And the cat featured by our photographer, Vickie Sanborn, in her Feline Friday week before last was adopted, too!  His name is Dickens!  I think this adoption business is magic!  Appear on the blog and get adopted!  So we're going to have another contest.  Attention all StreetCat cats!  Our next contest is "best markings."  Now don't be feeling all sorry for the cats who don't win.  I promise that eventually everyone will be a winner!  So step right up and show us those special feline markings, StreetCats!  I'll ask Vickie to take a picture and we'll pick our next winner!

Okay, now to the serious business of in or out.  A lot of people like to let their cats outside.  They think the cats deserve this "freedom."  And they like to watch them chase butterflies and stalk birds, although many admit it's not so fun when they catch the bird!  So okay, those are the reasons you might want to let your cat go outside.  (And, by the way, cat toy makers make really good butterfly and bird substitutes!)

Now here are the reasons you might NOT want to let your cat go outside.  Now get ready, because this is a long list!  First, animals could hurt them.  If you're in the country, lions and tigers and bears, oh my!  And even in the city there are coyotes, large owls and hawks!  Or other cats!  And did you know that bug bites can cause allergic reactions and disease?  Then there are always dogs.  GRRR!  I think the most dangerous foe, both city and country, is the car!  Now you know that cats are smart, we've well established that!  But they are no match for automobiles!  And humans, even, are not always nice.  They could do something cruel or stupid to your cat . . . or even steal it!

(Okay, I'm going to add this here even though it makes no sense to me.  Birds were put here for cats to catch, right?  Well, there are bird lovers out there!  Yes, really!  And, quite frankly, they can get pretty upset about cats killing their song birds . . . or even pooping in their flower beds!  So, be compassionate, and keep this in mind, too!)

So listen up, people!  StreetCats position on this question is clear!  Inside!  Be selfish!  If you love your kitty, you'll want to spare yourself the heartache of losing it or seeing it maimed or killed!  Be greedy!  Take care of yourself and your cat!  Just think of the vet bills you can save yourself, if nothing else!

Okay, now that this discussion is out of the way, guess what else I have to tell you?!  I heard from Toots, the last writer of our blog and she is doing great!  Remember how nervous she was about being adopted and how afraid she was to trust?  Because, you know, she hadn't had such a great life.  Well, she loves her new mom and trusts her already!  We are all so happy for Toots . . . and her mom!

Stayed tuned to hear the winner of the "best markings" contest!  It probably won't be me, Vanna, telling you the results because I'm going to be adopted this week, for sure.  But I'll have someone let you know!  Later!

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