Sunday, March 30, 2014

Techno Cat!!

In just a moment, with huge fanfare, I will introduce you to the winner of this week's contest for the cat with the best eye makeup.  And I know you are really looking forward to seeing the picture of said cat.  However, I have something so interesting and exciting to tell you that I just can't wait and you have to hear this first!!

Okay, cats, this is for you.  The next time all your humans are sitting around on their "machines"  (cell phones, iPads, iPods, computers, whatever) know that there is something out there for you, too!  Now don't tell me there aren't times when you want to be petted, brushed or played with and all your humans are sitting around playing with those machines!  I wasn't born yesterday and I know how this goes.  Those humans are obsessed with those machines!  Any time there is a human here in the shop, I can hear them ringing!  And I promised not to tell, but sometimes they are just playing on them!

So guess what!!  You, too, can play on an iPad!!  I would ask for one for your birthday if I were you!  When you get your iPad or steal your human's iPad, go to applications and find "Game for Cats."  No, I'm not kidding!  And you know what else.  It's free!!!  That means you don't have to pay for it!  Your human will like that!  I'm telling you guys that this is cool!  There is an animated mouse and, even better, an animated laser pointer!  I kid you not!  Try it!

Okay, now for the moment you've been waiting for . . . the introduction of the StreetCats Cat with the Best Eye Makeup.  And here she is . . . Millie!

Oh my goodness, isn't she gorgeous!  Check out how she does her black eyeliner so perfectly and then puts the light shading around it!  Now she is, indeed, masterful!  Millie is only about a year old so I'm pretty amazed that she has learned to do this so well at such a young age!  We don't have papers, but it sure looks to us like Millie is a Maine Coon cat.  Okay, she may be a bit on the small side for a Maine Coon, but she has the perfect coloring and coat.  She is a little shy at StreetCats . . . I think maybe there is a little too much activity for her.  But I know she isn't terribly scared because she loves her meals and gobbles them up!  She is going to make a gorgeous addition to someone's home when she's adopted!  Just expect a period of adjustment.

So okay, that's it for today.  I will be researching my computer to see what other games I can find for you cats out there!  I probably won't be able to tell you about them, however, because I'm going to be adopted this week!  Sure am!  So just use your iPad to play Game for Cats.  Better yet, use your human's iPad, run down the battery and then climb in their lap for some petting or brushing!

Next contest . . . softest fur!

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